Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And the Winner is...

The Fashion Show was soooo fun and Lisa had the hardest time judging. All the entries were awesome and I want to really thank all those who've participated and I hope you had lots of fun doing it! You were all amazing!!! In fact it took her the whole day to decide. I got a final response from her close to midnight. lol. She narrowed it down to 10 then 3 and then I had to force her to pick the top one. And the crown goes to.........

By Mad Sky

Lisa: I really like the composition on this one. It's simple with the perfect amount of details. Not too busy, not too plain. I love the braids and also the fact that she didn't have a certain stamp but made it work! This is really thinking out of the box!

Marie: At first I didn't even know that it was Ian. I thought... hmmm something about this Anya looks different. LOL! But then I realized!

Ray: Ian likes to cross dress???

Because our cowgirl isn't technically an 'Anya' stamp there is also a runner-up to this contest. And here she is:

By Diana Gibbs

Diana and Susan, you both will get the Rock the Farm set and the Miss Anya Collection! I will be sending it out to you this weekend. We really have to do something like this again but I'll leave the planning to our CLUB ANYA VP. hee hee.

A few cards to show today for our mini lineup! The first two are by Ana! As usual her super sweet style shows through perfectly!

And this cutie sheriff is by Elena!

Ok gotta go lie down for a bit. haha. I had the longest night ever! There may be a delay in email responding on my end today but I'll try to get to all of it by tonight. Thanks and everyone have a great day!

Today's question is: How do you store your stamps?

This was a great question asked by one of our readers and very helpful to everyone as well! I'm pretty messy so I store mine in any containers I can find like tupperware, boxes, you name it. I should try to organize it better though.


paulssandy said...

WOW, I am the first today :o)
I keep my stamps on sheets that were made to store unmounted stamps. I wish I could remember where I got them since I will need more with all these wonderful stamps. I then keep these sheets in binders that zipper shut to keep dust off of them. I take photos of all my stamps and keep them in a folder. When I want to find a certain stamp, I just look in the folder and know exactly where that stamp is.

I did not realize that this card utilized Ian and not Anya! I would NEVER have thought to do this, but she did a great job.

Sandy O

Melissa Craig said...

LOL!! I was wondering who was going to make a cross-dressing comment...

Congratulations Susan and Diane! You ladies did a fabulous job - everyone did!!!

Elena said...

I didn't notice that Ian is Anya also! That is so creative! Congrtatulations to the winners! All of the fashion outfits are amazing!
I also keep my stamps on the sheets that come with them. I put them all in a paper box, so they stay all together.

Dawn said...

OH MY WORD! what a wonderful way to use Ian! Very creative!CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!! I loved doing this challenge... I had FUN!

I store my stamps wherever they will fit... when you come to my house...DON'T TURN ON THE OVEN!!!

Sue said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I can't believe you chose mine! Thank you SO MUCH Lisa and Marie!! I am just flabbergasted! There are so many wonderful Anya cards in the gallery. I am truly humbled. Marie, I cannot wait to own more of your adorable stamp sets! Congrats to you Diane! I absolutely LOVE your Anya!!

Novell said...

Congrats to the winners!!! Everyone did a fabulous job with their entries!

I store my stamps in clear CD and DVD cases, depending on the size of the set. I recently read that it's not good to have EZ mounted stamps attached to these clear cases for long as it is said to diminish the cling so I have ordered some laminated sheets from Sunday International to put in the cases. It's also not supposed to be good to have the clear acrylic stamps on the clear cases so I have extra laminated sheets coming for them, too. On any newer clear sets I own I have just stuck the entire set, including the clear sheet they came on, into a CD case.

Sandra MacLean said...

Congratulations to Sue and Diana!! (I'm soooo jealous that you guys get to play with the Miss Anya's before the rest of us!) hahaha I store my unmounted stamps on sheets like Sandy does. I bought them from Rubbernecker. They fit very nicely in a large three ring binder. They work really well and if I buy more stamps, then I just buy more storage sheets for the files. I like to be organized!

Joyce said...

Congratulations, girls! I'm glad I didn't have to choose because there were so many awesome entries.

I store most of my unmounted stamps in CD and DVD cases. I also have a binder with storage sheets in it that I use for my alphabets and large stamps that won't fit in a DVD case. I have page protectors in there to put my clear alphabet sheets in(I keep them stored on their original clear sheets and just slide them in)

Diana Gibbs said...

Congratulations Susan! and OMG! I can't believe you picked me too! I would not have wanted to have to choose from all those cards...what a fun fun contest, and I think you should definitely do it again.
Thanks so much!
As for stamp storage, I basically leave them on the sheets that they come in, stored in a box per company. I have seen some neat binder ideas but have not gotten any of those yet.

Monica said...

Congrats everyone!! Those are some adorable cards!

I store my WM stamps in Shell cases and my Clear stamps in CD cases with labels. Easy Peasy for me!


Gabby said...

Awesome!!! Congrats Diane & Susan!!! I am SO sure Lisa had a hard time picking the winner/s! I loved every single entry I know I would have had a HECK of a time picking! Congrats once again and Susan...watch out...I'm gonna be hounding you for images! LOL!

As to how I store my stamps...it's been mentioned above...CD & DVD cases and they are just about everywhere in my craft room! I have these plastic "dressers" I used for my DD when she was little...now that she upgraded...I grabbed them to store my stamps. I also have a metal rack with my SU sets...and 3 small Rubbermaid crates with most of my no wood mount stamps.

rachelsigmak said...

I love the Winners, and all of the entries for that matter!!! What an awesome contest, it was fun to watch!

I store my stamps on acrylic sheets that I had cut at lowes... I keep the cards that come with them on a book ring for index.

seen here:

the whimsical butterfly said...

Congrats to the winners! I had so much fun looking at everyone's creations....I would have NEVER been able to judge!

I JUST got the Gina K stamp storage system, and I have to say, I couldn't be happier with it. I have tried SO many other different ways, and this is perfect for me.

I am still unmounting some SU sets, but when i'm finished I will show you if anyone wants to see a picture. I am FREAK about organizing so this makes me sooooo happy!

lynzei said...

It depends on how they are packaged. Some are in baskets, some in plastic bins, while others are in a binder.

Christine said...

Congratulations to the winners. I loved all the cards. I was blown away by all of the creative ways that everyone dressed her up and Ian looked great in his Anya costume! He he. I haven't got a great storage solution yet. I have some of my stamps in 3 ring binders, some in CD cases, and some in plastic containers. I have read some great ideas that I think I might try.

KanataNewf said...

Congratulations to everyone for creating such awesome cards. As for storage. It varies. MY CTMH stamps stay in their envelopes tucked into shoebox size plastic containers. I have bunches of other acrylic stamps stored in empty CD cases so I can see them at a glance. My wood-mounted stamps?....well, they seem to turn up wherever in my craft room.

~*Joni said...

YAY to the winners!! I think that Ian/Anya card immediately sparked a buzz. I am SOOOO tickled over all the entries and the creativity.
As for the question of the day...storage? What storage? JK, I have mine in a photo box. That's it. No rhyme or reason. I wasn't even going to try and pretend I had a system. ;)

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

i store my stamps a zillion different ways! haha. ezmounted stamps go in tthese "scrapbook storage"boxes from target, unmounted go in baseball card holders, clear go in cd cases and mood mounteds are in a really cool drawer system i got for christmas. :)

Way to go ladies, the winner's cards are fab! Soon i'll actually HAVE anya stamps so i can play too! :)

Renie's World said...

I store my stamps in various ways. My WM I put in plastic phot storage boxes, the one that has 5 plastic (tubaware style) photo holders in the box. Thsi way I can store them ny holiday/theme. My acrylic staps I put in various size file folos, and arrange by theme/holiday which is nice because you can always find them in the office section of any store and can also arrange color wise to. For the rest it's usuallt SD cases