Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yayyy for Saturday!

Greetings friends! Thank you all for a super terrific presale yesterday. I have already sent out the orders from yesterday so you'll get it pretty early next week. Like Tuesday or something. I know there are a couple of you who missed it but I will have everything in the store on Jan. 1st again so you can get your set.

I did forget to note that for those of you who ordered the Light Up set, the art on the package is incorrect. There is a different flower on the cover and the sentiment 'Enjoy' but those are the wrong images. The actual stamps are the ones shown yesterday. Just want to make that clear. I forgot to put a note in the packages. So please ignore the flower and the word on the package. I've already reordered the correct cover so it should come in before Jan. 1st.

We have a cute lineup today! The big surprise in today's lineup was that there is no Anya! Ian rules today's showcase!

This cute Ian was sent in by Carolina Buchting. Just look at his hat!!! Ian is such a stylish trendsetter!

Cheryl made this holiday Wonderland card with the sparkly mushrooms!

This is Diana Gibb's little Madhatter. So cute! Love the coloring on it.

This Hello Ian was sent in by Kerry Kung! I'm loving Ian's hat here too.

Faith sent in these two fabulous cards! The first is from McSplendid Farm and the second is Sheriff Ian!

Pam Varnell's sweet little Angel Anya is toooo cute! And is that glitter I see on her halo???

Paula Laird's adventurous Space Ian is off on another venture! Cute sentiment and I love that silver star dp.

I love Ian.... hehee. Oh and those of you from yesterday who are willing to share recipes for tomato sauce, send them my way. LOL. I would love to try them!

Today's question is: What is the first thing you do when you log onto your computer?

First thing I do is open up my email box. There's always something interesting every morning.


Sandra MacLean said...

Fabulous Ian cards today! It's funny that you should show him today because I made an Ian card just last night! My sauce recipe was just how I explained it - just throw the herbs in to suit your taste. I usually check my emails then log into to read my daily blogs.

the whimsical butterfly said...

Cute cards today, everyone!!!

I def check my email first and foremost. Then blogger, like Sandra said :0) Then, I come HERE! :D

Elena said...

Ian is absolutely adorable! Love all the showcased cards!
The first thing I do is going to check my e-mail, then I go to visit you Marie, at your blog!!!

Kerry said...

Ian is our "little man" =D. Marie, how about a nerdy Ian? He will be super adorable. LOL.

Email first, then blogger.

Linda w said...

First thing I do is check my emails. I really like each and every card posted today. I missed the presale so I will have to wait a bit to get the new items.