Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Xmas Cards by Maureen Wong

Wednesday greetings to all! I would like to make an announcement today before we begin our lineup. As you know, starting Jan. 2009, Pink Poison will officially become The Greeting Farm. With the change, there will also be change in my Design Team. In January my DT will be split into two teams. One team is my "full-time" team or aka Senior DT. The other is a part-time rotating team that I will recruit new members for every 3 months. I think this will open up opportunities for many people who are interested in being part of our team. The next call will be in March and I will make an announcement then. Just thought I'd let you know ahead of time. Ok onwards to Maureen's elegant cards!


Today's lineup is really cute! Ana starts us off with Wonderland goodness! How magical are these huh???!

Jessica Diedrich also did a fabulous Wonderland! I'm totally loving these!

Cheryl closes us off with some awesome cards as well! The first card is from Panda Friends and the bottom are some xmasy Cake Topper cards!

Today's question is
: Were you a hopscotch girl or jump-rope girl?

A big hopscotch girl here. LOL. I did a little jump rope too but none of that double-dutch deal. Too scarey to jump in there!


Lindy Stamper said...

I love the cards!

I'm more of a jump rope girl... At one point I got pretty good, then I think I just lost interests...

Elena said...

Christmas cards are gorgeous!
Love the Wonderland cards too! So cute!
I am a hopscotch girl!

Jenn said...

Beautiful cards! Very elegant!

I was the queen of double dutch when I was younger - but I'd probably trip and fall if I tried today.. :)

the whimsical butterfly said...

Great cards! Maureens were so elegant and Ana's and Cheryl's were SUPER sweet!

Hmmmm, Iwas actually a jumprope kinda girl. I want to say that ended by like, 6th grade maybe? We actually used to jump rope over the hopscotch at school, so that's funny :)

rachelsigmak said...

Adorable cards!!!

I was a jump rope girl!

Sandra MacLean said...

Beautiful cards Maureen! And I'm LOVING Ana's cards too! I'd SOOOOOOOOO love to be a part of your design team Marie (totally shameless!) but I'm bummed to say that I have to wait maybe until your second DT call because in March we'll be moving to Australia! I did a bit of hopscotch and a bit of jumprope. I also played 4 square alot.

croppixie said...

I was an "Elastics" girl. We tie a bounch of rubber bands together and 2 girls would hold them at each end at different hights, the last one to jump the highest won.

Thanh said...

Lovely cards ladies! I love the details in each one.

I just subscribed to the blog a couple of days ago and have looked forward to seeing the entries everyday! I'm excited for all the new changes to your company in the new year.

Kerry said...

Love the cards!

I am bad in both hopscotch and jump-rope. LOL! I just get all messed up and start laughing. :-D

Tonya said...

The cards are all so great. I really love how the various white cards turned out!!

Double dutch was awesome. I had my school record of 179 jumps in third grade and never beat it after that. =)

Bastelfrosch said...

This cards are wonderful!!
Very elegant.