Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Xmas Cards by Jennifer McMillan

Hello friends! I've some exciting new for you today. I just may have a one day early sale on the Jan. Releases. Maybe. I "maybe" getting them in a week early. Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up.

More xmas cards to show today! I really love Jennifer's krafty cards and I am sure you love them just as well! They are all super adorable. My absolute fave? The mouse with the santa hat! I just love him to pieces!



And then what is a lineup without Anya and Ian cards! These are both by Joyce Wheeler! Just darling! I heart Ian!

Have a sweet Tuesday! Unfortunately I have non-stamping duties today that I must attend to. Blargh.

Today's question is: Name something silly or crazy you did in highschool/college.

This is very embarrassing but when I was in college, I participated in my sisters' dance group for a talent show. It was a horrid performance and everyone videotaped it. We all swore never to do such a thing again and to this day, rarely speak about it. Lol. Except I'm the only one who brings it up when we all need a good laugh. All I have to say is that thank goodness it was on VHS and soon VCRs will be no more and we can all be saved.


Dawn said...

These cards are just darling! I love the colors and the way they all coordinate! great job.

I fell down the stairs at a Christmas party in front of my boyfriends entire staff. That was years ago,but oh the memories are still so fresh. UGH!!! I think it was because my shoes were way to big and I stuffed the shoes with TP to make them fir... DUH!!!

Tracey said...

These cards are fantastic! Adorable!

Something silly or crazy in high school?!?! My goodness, there are probably too many things to count. I think I have blocked most of that time out in the name of self-preservation! LOL

Tonya said...

Cute....I love how all the mouse cards turned out....a total nontraditional Christmas set but yet worked perfect!

Ok....so the silliest thing I ever did in high school was when I was a freshman. It was spirit week and one day we had to wear togas, my mom helped me make a great toga and it had 2 snaps at the shoulder, looked great. My mom convinced me that wearing a bra would look silly (of course I didn't have a strapless one either) and during my second period class I stood up and the snaps were not buttoned and it fell past my WAIST!!!!!!! =( Too embarrassing that year to talk about, but by the time I was a senior it was funny.

Novell said...

Fabulous cards by both Jennifer and my buddy, Joyce!

Embarrassing moments in high school...I'm sure there were many but the one I recall is from my Family Living class. I was sitting next to a girl named Amy. We were doing some stuff with finger paints or poster paints or something and she stuck her painted hands prints on a piece of paper and put it face up on my seat so when I sat down, I had her handprints on my butt. I had to wear my pants like that all day.

Dawn Nikol said...

Cute cards.

I got in three car crashes in one day... Yes, three. When I was backing out of our driveway that morning I backed into a construction workers truck (who, in my defense, had parked in the middle of the road anyway while he was working on the house across the street).

Then, at school (not even 1.5 hours later), we were lined up to drive into school and somebody slammed their brakes... and I hit the guy in front of me... not once, but twice.

I ended up parking & going straight home... it was, obviously, not going to be a good day.

rachelsigmak said...

Awesome Cards!!

Elena said...

Jennifer's cards are fantastic! So creative!
Love Ian and Angel Anya too!
Don't remember silly things at high school... Looks like I am getting older.

scrappin{jewlz} said...

What cute cards! This is my first visit to your blog.. won't be the last!

we always did a bunch of silly things in high school.. too many to count.

6 wacky women said...

Sweet, sweet cards.
I love them all!

Karen x

Kerry said...

Super cute card, love them!

Embrassing moment? back in sophomore year, I was walking and talking to a friend across the street, I almost walk into a pole. For some strange reason I stopped, then I looked... I was about half an inch from hitting it.