Thursday, December 18, 2008

Xmas Cards by Dawn Nikol

It's Thursday! That means Xmas is next week!!! Eeek! I'm excited nervous at the same time. I don't know what to buy for the in-laws. I'm cutting it short today so enjoy the cards! Today features Dawn Nikol. You gotta love that Wonderland card!


A fantastic McSplendid Farm card by Faith. Oh my, look at the details! I love the stars and that little fence! Love it!

I took this from Jenn's page. hehe. This little piggy is definitely stylin! I really like the shading of rose on this one.

Another beautiful card from Jennifer McMillan! She's definitely rockin' the Lucky Bunnies set! This has inspired me to pick up that stamp again!

Today's question is: What do you want for xmas this year?

This year I'm asking world peace and happiness. But on a more selfish note, hehe, I want a big big room to put all my stamps and stuff. I'm turning the dining area into a big eye sore.


Elena said...

The cards are gorgeous! Love allthe ideas with the Christmas cards! Bunny is one of my favorite too!
Faith's card is so cute!
What I will wish... Probably health to everybody...

Lindy Stamper said...

Great cards!

For Xmas I actually don't want much this year. Of course, if I get stamps or craft supplies I'm not going to turn them away. ;)

Jenn said...

Love the cards! The little white bunny is soo cute!!

Hmm... Christmas present for me? All of Marie's stamps!! I can send you my addy... *wink!

Realistically - for all of my family to make it to my place this Sunday for Family Christmas - we're supposed to get 40cm in the next 4 days! Yikes!

the whimsical butterfly said...


Yeah, I'm with you, Marie. I am ALL about the peace and happiness, and actually, knowing that my son's surgery went so well yest. was all I could have wanted for Christmas. But yes, on a selfish note, my kitchen is INSANITY! Would love my own room for my stuff ;)

Sandra MacLean said...

Hope everything and everyone is ok today Marie - I'm seriously missing your post today - I've been back 4 times this morning to check in! LOL Is it snow?

Mel said...

Hi! I want to know if we can order Pretty Hat Anya set? Thnak you!

A new big fan of your stamps!