Monday, December 15, 2008

Xmas Cards by Dawn Knight

Greetings on this fine Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It was snowing all weekend so I mainly just stayed home and watched some movies with Ray and the pups. Designed a little. I thought we could showcase the Xmas Challenge cards one person a day since I think it might make this a super long blog entry if I showed all at once. So today we'll start off with Dawn Knight. These are superb cards!!! ENJOY!



Pretty spectacular! Everyone really did a super job and I'll be showcasing one person a day this whole week. Here is a few cards for our daily lineup!

This one is from Faith. A cute mushroom card from the Wonderland set!

Another Wonderland card by Sandra MacLean! Alice is just sooo awesome!

An awesome Space Ian card by Jessica Diedrich!

And yayyy Panda Friends by Cheryl!

Everyone have a super awesome day! Stay safe and warm!

Today's question is: What word do you use the most?

The word I use the most is: What? or maybe Huhhh?


Molly Joly said...

Dawn, your cards are absolutely gorgeous! And so creative! Congratulations on winning the challenge - you totally deserve it!!!

Elena said...

Dawn's cards are fantastic!!! Wow! Love them!!! Dawn, you are so creative!
I think I use word ...and now... or anyway...

Lindy Stamper said...

Those are great cards!!!

I think word I used most is probably Wow or whoa. Word is applicable for positive and negative situations... :)

Tonya said...

Dawn your cards are wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!

I would say the sentence I use most often lately is "are you kidding me?"

the whimsical butterfly said...

Dawn's cards made me smile! Awesome work, girl!

I think I over use the term "uh, YEAH!" when I get emphatic :) Either that or LOL online..although I do find everything funny :)

Great cards today, everyone...can't wait for my Wonderland set to arrive!!! I love how the face was cut out and "popped up" on that Alice card...gonna have to try that! Thanks!

Kerry said...

WOW! Awesome cards!! Congrats!!!

I use awesome a lot! LOL, see I just use it. :-D But for the last 4 days, I used freezing/cold many many times. Since we lost power for over 4 days.

Joyce said...

Oh my, these are all so CUTE!!!