Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Already?

It's been cold and dry lately. My hands look like the desert. hahaha. I think its suppose to snow again today or something. I've been lounging in my pajamas these days. Bailey is napping in my lap. He's a tough little guy and has been starting fights with Stewie often. Lol. But the minute Stewie fights back, Bailey runs into my lap for safety. Ray said we should've named him Scrappy. hahaha because he's a fighter. Anyway onto Stamping related stuff.

My xmas card today is actually for my little brother, hence the initials.

The following cards are from Molly Joly. Molly made these thank you cards for her daughter's preschool teachers. Darling aren't they? And you know how I'm a fan of glitter. hahaha. And woo hoo look at the mermaid! That is some awesome background details!

Another fabulous card a la Faith! I just love the pink and brown. Look how soft Rockstar Anya's hair is!

This Home Sweet Home card is precious!!! It's by Jenn of course! Look at the cotton on the couch! hahaha. I love it!

I hope many are participating in the Xmas challenge. I will be previewing the Jan. sets when I announce the winner of the challenge. The winner of course gets the entire release. I'm really proud of them and I think they will kick off the New Year perfectly. Have a great day everyone!

Today's question is: Did you believe in Santa?

No I never believed in Santa. As kids, my siblings and I made eachother handmade gifts and stuffed in little bags with our names on it. That was our Xmas. Dad bought us our first Christmas Tree when I was in middle school and we decorated so heavily it looked like a pile of garland and lights. LOL!


Elena said...

Your card is co precious Marie! Love Molly's cards! They are so cute! Rock Star Anya is really Rock!!! Love Jenn's card!
I maybe belived in Santa till I was 10!

Lindy Stamper said...

Nice cards!!!

I used to believe it Santa, don't remember when I stop believing... hmm.:-/

the whimsical butterfly said...

I am so happy to see Molly on the blog! Yeah! Everyone had beautiful cards....and um, I STILL believe in Santa ;)

Monique said...

I still believe in Santa! I guess I'm a big nerd. BUT IT'S TRUE :)

Molly Joly said...

Thank you for posting my cards, Marie! I feel so special! :>
All the others are so beautiful!
Yes, I believed in Santa - till I was about 10! I remember telling my Grandma that I didn't believe it when my Mom told me so I was going to ask Santa for a new puppy to see if he was for real.

Can you believe I didn't get a puppy????

Dawn Nikol said...

Cute cards.

I believe in Christmas and all things related. Do I think Santa brings me presents? No, I've known that since the Christmas after my Grandfather passed away, I think I was 7?

Can't wait for the January release!

Tonya said...

Love the cards today! I've been busy working on all my Christmas cards. =)

I believed in Santa, my family always said as long as I believed then I would keep getting gifts. LOL!!!

I can't wait to see what you have in store for the January release!!

Novell said...

Okay, that couch card is hilarious! My dogs do that to stuffed animals but thankfully leave our couches alone.

Yup, I believed in Santa but I can't remember when I stopped. Maybe 4th grade?

have been crazy busy and no time to stamp with my new stamps, darn it! Just gotta get through this weekend.

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Love all the cards - makes me that more excited for Ian to arrive!!

I did believe in Santa - I don't know when I stopped. I still believe in the Spirit of Santa for sure!!
hugs, Jami

ribenaruby said...

Love all the creations on your blog! Didn't believe in santa, like you we wrapped up each others gifts and placed them under the tree.Can't wait to see the new releases.

Michelle said...

As always, Molly's cards are gorgeous (and even cuter in person!)

rachelsigmak said...

As usual the cards are amazing. I can not wait to see the January releases... though I think my wallet is begging me to wait!!!

I never believed in Santa, my husband did and was devastated to learn the "truth". We are not raising our Children to believe in Santa... my son is such a realist like his Father, that I am glad he will not find out and be mad at me one day!

Helen said...

Gorgeous cards! Love the dogs on the settee. Did I believe in Santa? Implicitly. Even heard his bells once! Still do believe a little bit.

Paula Laird said...

Love all the cards!!!

I never beleived in Santa. In fact, when I was about 3, I started screaming "we hate Santa!" at the poor mall Santa. My mom was SO embarrassed.