Saturday, December 20, 2008

Swampy Saturday

Sorry for my disappearance yesterday friends. I appear to be having internet problems. It is fixed now. hehe. That was scarey. On a good note, I do plan on having some sort of a After Xmas early sale. For one day only. Dec. 26th for the Jan. releases. I wanted to have it on Monday but it appears that there was a hitch in the production on one set and I won't get it until maybe Wednesday. Ahhh the joys of production hiccups.

Today's cards are by ye all talented Elena Joldersma! I would also like to announce that Elena will be joining our Part-time team in January and am very excited to have her on board. I know you will all love her delightful creations. They are always inspiring! The following cards speak for themselves.


And a couple of more cards for the lineup! This one is from Faith using the Cake Topper set. Love the usage of the bow!

Ok I am so in love with this card by Sandra MacLean! She calls it her Twilight Bunnies and they are such the dark twisted bizarre cuties! I want to blow this up and hang it in my livingroom! lol.

This one is by Bow Queen, Cheryl. She also used the bunny from the Wonderland set. Super cute and super holiday-ish!

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a safe and sweet weekend!

Today's question is: Lipstick or lipgloss?

Usually I use chapstick but if I'm feeling fancy, I do lipgloss. Shiny fruity ones.


Tonya said...

Great cards by Elena and Congrats to having her on your pt team!!!!

Lipgloss all the way. Lots of colors, lots of flavors, especially fruity and minty ones!!

Elena said...

Thank you very much Marie for this chance and being part of your very talented team and your wonderful company! I am very excited about this! My first ever DT experience! Still can't believe in it!
I use lipstick more than lipgloss. But love lipgloss because of the sparkle!

Sandra MacLean said...

OOo! Congratulations Elena!! I'm super excited for you!! And what a wonderful company to be a part of too! I'm so glad you liked the bunny card Marie! I'm much more of a lipgloss girl than lippie. I feel too dressed up with lipstick! hahahaha

Tracey said...

Gorgeous cards!!! Congrats to Elena!!

I too am a chapstick kind of gal and lipgloss if I am going a little fancier. I rarely wear lipstick.

the whimsical butterfly said...

Congrats, Elena...what an honor! I'm really excited for you!

I saw Sandra's twilight Bunnies on her blog the other day and I was IN LOVE! They are awesome!

I'm a gloss girl..I actually, have a bit of a problem buying too many of them LOL..sound familiar?!?!?

Bastelfrosch said...

You have wonderful cards!! And a beautiful blog!
I love your stamps.

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Elena - your cards are amazing!! I love each and every one of them!! Big congrats on being part of the DT - I know you'll continue to dazzle us with your creativity!!

I'm a lipgloss gal - the yummy smelling flavored kind!!

hugs, Jami

Andrea said...

Oh wow, so many great cards.

Kerry said...

Congrats on being a part of the DT! Hurray for you!! Awesome cards!!!

I am a lipgloss girl. Love the shine. And of course, it tastes yummy.

Diana Gibbs said...

Well you can thank Sandra that I checked out your site and bought a couple sets....the Twilight Bunnies put a spell on me! Ha!!!
You have some darling stamps!!