Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Sunday Surprise!

Happy Sunday Stampers! I'd like to show you a sneak peek at what I am feverishly working on. lol.

Digital Scrapbooking Kit: Return to Wonderland
available Jan. 2009

If you like digital scrapbooking, raise your hands! I really wanted to create something aside from rubber stamps that also somewhat related to paper crafting so I chose this venue. What do you think? Suzy introduced me to digi-scrapping and now I'm hooked... and what is better to do than sharing my new obsession with all of you!

A cute little lineup to show today. The first one is from Jonna from Finland. You know, I have quite a few customers from Finland but I think Jonna is the first to send me a card. So I'm thrilled!

Yay more cards from Diana Gibbs! She's good isn't she? Beautiful coloring and layout.

Join me tomorrow for a Special Guest Designer! Have a safe Sunday!

Today's question is: Do you digi-scrap?

I do now. Thanks Suzy, for adding more obsession and joy into my life. hahahaha.


Elena said...

Oh, Marie! Your digi-page is so beautiful! You did an amazing job!
Princess Anya is so cute!
Diana's cards are fabulous!
I never tried digi-scrap... But I would like to try it!

Sandra MacLean said...

oh wow! That sneak peek is gorgeous! And you're absolutely right - Diana Gibb's work is flawless isn't it?! I have the great pleasure of working along side her for Hanna Stamps. I do scrapbook, but I' be tried to avoid divi scrapping because I work/draw on a computer 5 days a week, so when I'm home, I prefer a more tactile hobby - know what I mean? :)

Linda w said...

Love the cards today. I have never digi scrapped. Ok, I don't scrap either, just make cards but could one perhaps make a small scale digi thing to use for a card?

Wendalyn said...

No I don't digi scrap at all. I don't even scrapbook just make cards

Ashley said...

Cute cute cute! I do a little bit of digi scrapping.

Novell said...

Cute digi-page but I don't digiscrap. Don't scrap much at all. I used to but found cards gave me quicker gratification, LOL.

Kerry said...

Everything looks great! Never tried digital scrapbooking, but I am willing to try.

the whimsical butterfly said...

I am STILL smiling after looking at Diana's Wonderland card. And YES, I JUST started dabbling w/ the um, a Wonderland kit? I'll be getting that FO SHO!

how cool!

Suzy Tyler said...

Oh my! I don't know where to run and hide or be flattered that I have enabled you to expand your creativity! :)

My only experience with digi-kits have been with blog designs. I've never been a scrapbooker, but that doesn't mean I can't start, right?

The cards are so flippin' cute!

Bev said...

I odn't digi scrap but do use a lot of digi products in my card making so I am so excited to read about your new venture!! Can't wait to see more

hugs Bev x

croppixie said...

Oh Your digi kit is just awesome, super cute!! Were are you selling this kit?

I digi scrap, I {heart} digi scrapping just as much as stamping! Digi comes in really handy for making my blog headers.

Carolina said...

Digi?!!! YES, beyond excited about that. I'm currently transitioning my scarppin' to that and would love to buy your designs...woo hoo!

Diana's card is adorable!