Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sampling Sunday

Happy Resting Day friends! Hope all is good! In response to the Pre-Order inquiries yesterday, I am sad to say that I won't be doing pre-orders this month. Very very sorry. It's really been a mad house around here and I wasn't sure if I'll be able to handle another cup on my plate. But I do hope to start preorders again once the new year starts and things start to settle down. Here are some cards today for show-n-tell.

These are from the Happy Chef Jan. release, shown yesterday. He's really quite the fun little set. You can put an array of things on his plate.

This one is from the Pretty Hat Anya set. This is also a great set. It comes with an assortment of items you can decorate her hat with. For this one, I used the fluffy flower. I believe I had done a previous one with the bow.

This was actually a card I made for our Xmas challenge and forgot to post it. haha. Princess Anya!

Ok is this cute or what? Jenn made this from the McSplendid Farm set. Love the colors, love the layout!

Cheryl made these awesome Ians! Space Ian and Sheriff Ian! I love these little guys.

Cute lineup today right?!!! It just keeps getting better and better! Have a great rest of the weekend and I will see you tomorrow with our Xmas Challenge submissions!

Today's question is: Name one thing that you won't eat.

Raw oysters. Tried it once, almost lost it. I tried to love but my body rejects it. hahahaha. I do, however, eat every other kind of sushi/sashimi.


croppixie said...

This one's easy, Fish any kind of fish, I even hate the smell! Of course my darling husband just loves all this fishy! Yuck! So the only time he gets to eat fish is when he's on company road trips!

Elena said...

Very very cute cards! I love how you decorated the first card with all of the swirls, Marie! Chef Ian is so adorable! Pretty Hat Anya is so sweet! Love the possibilities with this stamp! Princess Anya is very beautiful! Jen's card is amazing! Love her cards! Cheryl did fantastic job with Ian's!
I don't like boiled onion! Even if I make soup I always try to fry it and cut on very small pieces!

Patricia said...

I love the new set cards... when can we pre-order?

I will not eat peas. I've tried it, many of times, but every time I eat it, it reminds me of the poison apple that snow white took a bit out of... I can't help it.

Dawn Nikol said...

Can't wait to order the new stamps. =) I'm sure you needed a break too with the holidays and everything!

I will not eat lima beans... ever. Generally, I don't eat peas, but you generally have to with fried rice (unless it's homemade).

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

What a fantastic group of cards!!

I can't eat cottage cheese. I'd love to, I've tried, I know it's so good for me... just can't do it. I imagine my body would also reject oysters, but I've never given it the chance!
hugs, Jami

Novell said...

I can't wait to see the challenge cards. These were all so cute! One of the things I absolutely won't eat is liver. Blech!

Tonya said...

Love the cards, love the new sets and really love the questions everyday on your blog! thing I won't eat. Hummus. I hate it!!! Blech! Tried it once, tastes like sand and the texture makes me gag.

Debsydoo said...

Fab cards, I love these images

hugs Debs

Sandra MacLean said...

Just one thing?? Hmmmm, can't pick just one. I can't eat rice pudding, wet scrabbled eggs, tuna, brussel sprouts anything pickled, hmmmm....I sound fussy don't I? Hahhahaa Thanks for posting my card Marie! :D

CREATE=FUN said...

oh wow, i love the new sets. Cant wait for them to be available ;)