Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mini Badges

Good Sunday Stampers! I made some mini badges for those of you who would like an early support of Club Anya and also a little Friends of the Farm Badge. The Greeting Farm is going to be fun name to play with.

Here's my Xmas card for today. Hope everyone is working on theirs. I did a Ian in a brown outfit and not my usual red and green. hehe.

This card is by Ribenaruby! A very bright and swirly Wishing Tree with cute ornaments.

Faith made this uber excellent card using leaves and sentiment from the Panda Friends set.

I'm expecting a shipment in on Thurs/Fri so my store should be stocked again, at least for a little while. haha. Many of you should have received your packages already yesterday or if not on Monday. Have a sweet day friends!

Today's question is: What's your favorite xmas song?

Frosty the Snowman!!! I remember when I first heard it as a kid, I cried because Frosty melted. Wahhhhh! Poor Frosty!


Elena said...

Oh, Marie! Your card is so cute! I love Ian! Wishing tree is gorgeous! And Faith's card is outstanding!
Mini badges are so cute!
My favorite Christmas song Jingle Bells!
I got my package yesterday!

the whimsical butterfly said...

Marie, the coloring on Ians hat is amazing! I love it!

Cute badges...I will def. be adding them! Ok, so my favorite Christmas song is O holy night, I think. Just something so dramatically pretty in the way it's sung most of the time. I do have to laugh NEW fave might be "jingle bells"...because apparently, my 3 yr old DD thinks it's "Tinkerbells". LOL! a LITTLE too much Disney in this family ;)

Dawn Nikol said...

Thanks for the badges, I'm off to put them on my blog asap!

Favorite Christmas songs!! Instrumental: "A Mad Russian's Christmas"; Non-Instrumental: Winter Wonderland; Non-traditional: "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas".

I love all the music this time of year. =)

katy said...

Hi Marie, i got my first Anya last week,and i'll definately be buying more...LOVE them !! My favourite Christmas song is ' Walking in a winter wonderland ' xx

ribenaruby said...

Thanks for showing my effort Marie, you always have outstanding creations to show from your talented team. Wonderful! Fave christmas song is 'frosty the snowman'. Have a good evening!

Cheryl Walker said...

Hi Marie, My favorite song is Let it Snow!!! I sing this song to my cats, and our dog....LOL They love when I sing to them....:)

Anyways I love that Ian,and your card turned out soooooo cute!!!!!cant wait to get him :),have a wonderful day hun!!!!


Molly Joly said...

My vote is for O Holy Night, too.

Can't wait for the restock - I'll have to keep my eye on the store!