Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lotsa Great Cards

Whoa, it's like the 30th already. Cutting pretty close to the wire now and can you believe it, I'm still fixing up the website? LOL! I'm trying to add a gallery where anyone can post up their own 'Pink Poison/The Greeting Farm' creations, pretty similar to the SCS one. I thought maybe that would be more efficient than me trying to resize and manually add new cards. My 'Cards that need to be uploaded' folder is getting pretty big. Wahhhh! And now onto the cards themselves!

Oh and for those of you who wonder about printing out digistamps and coloring, I personally have a laser printer and the ink works fabulous! As for inkjet printers, I think they will do just fine. Quality of paper does matter though, so it's optimal not to use those flimsy multi-use papers. Use a nice cardstock or thick laser paper. I use HP 32 lb premium laser paper. Best printing paper ever!

You may have already seen some of these but I wanted to post it up here anyway. The first two are from Chat! Panda Friends!

Elena made these adorable cards! Love the stitch detailing! Ian and Anya are looking spiffy!

Cheryl's little Hello Ian. The red and black is a very bold statement. I like!

Ok is this adorable or what?! What a lucky card that Faith made! And look at the Quarterback Ian! That football stitching is so awesome!

Two super cute cards by Pam Varnell! Perfect layouts and coloring! And I LOOOOVE the glitter on Anya's eyes.

Goody good lineup today! A nice little sneak peek at some Anya digital stamps tomorrow!

Today's question is: Sweet, salty, or spicy?

SPICY! I looove spicy foods. Mmmmm.... occasionally I do enjoy a nice bag of potato chips though. That's pretty much the only 'salty' food I like. But bring on the SPICY!


Elena said...

The cards are absolutely beautiful today! So many talented stampers!
Spicy or salty? - I like spicy food!

Loreen said...

Spicy for sure! The cards look awesome =)

Lindy Stamper said...

great cards!!!

I'm definitely a sweet person... major walking sweet tooth.

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

i love the new look of the blog! It's probably been that way for a bit, but i was out of town and i'm just catching up on my favorite blogs. :)The cards are all beautiful. And i love spicy food! but i also like desserts a whole lot!!!

the whimsical butterfly said...

ALL of it! First you do salty/spicy, then sweet LOL! These cards are all brilliant! love them! Have a great day, everyone!!!

ribenaruby said...

New blog is looking great Marie, so much to look at here and so many talented craftpeople. Definetly spicy for me!

Lim said...

Beautiful cards and stamps.

Novell said...

Fabulous lineup today!

Hmm....I have to have sweet, salty AND spicy. I can't choose just one! I love sour, too. Like Sour Patch Kids or like dill pickles. The only salty stuff I really like is salty french fries, salty popcorn, and salty pretzels or chips.

Tonya said...

The cards are fabulous....Faith's quarterback card with the football stitching is super cute!!!!

About a week of every couple months my sweet tooth is never satisfied (LOL!!!!) but usually I go for spicy!!! Love the spice!!!

Suzy Tyler said...

Wowza! These cards are GREAT!

Can I choose all three? I love spicy food, salty nuts and anything with sugar in it.

Ching-a-ling said...

I just got my order yesterday! that was SOOO FAST!! thank you so much!! Now I'm just waiting for your Anya's to be back in stock. Thanks so much for posting so much inspiration for us.