Monday, December 29, 2008

Guest Designer - Bev Rochester

Good day friends! Another Monday, another start of a fresh week. Going back to yesterday's post in regards to Digi-scrapping, I will be making some exclusive digistamps. I was thinking about that along with Digi-Card Kits. And then Elena emailed me regarding digistamps and now it is a must-do! Lol. The wondrous thing about digistamps is that you don't have to pay for shipping! And because they are hi-res files, you can print them out on your printer and color them! You can also change the size so it'd fit your cards. I print mine out on nice cardstock or really nice thick laser paper. Most of the cards I have been making lately have been that way. Print and color. Mostly because I'm a messy stamper. So let me know your thoughts on this please.

Today's guest is Bev Rochester! I found her on SCS and I just looooove her gallery. So I asked her if she'd like to GD and she said yes and I was thrilled and everyone was happy. Especially me! When you see the cards, you will understand!

Bev Rochester

How long have you been stamping?
About two years

What's your tool of choice?
Cuttlebug - I use it every day. It's one thing I could not be without - period!!

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Creative, loyal, fun

If you had a stamp line, what would you call it?
Cutie Patootie cos I just love CUTE!!

What's your favorite Pink Poison stamp set?

Merry Christmas. OMW - have you seen those little love birds!!

If you were a color, what would you be? Why?

A soft shade of green. Green is the colour of harmony and balance, and symbolises hope, renewal and peace - just what we all need a bit of.

Descibe your crafting area.

I'm lucky enough to have my own craft room which my lovely hubby has just re-done for me with new shelving and storage so everything I need is to hand. I have to be organised, a place for everything and everything in it's place, so lots and lots of storage and lots of workspace.

When making cards, what is you favorite colors to use?
Green and blue - I find it very difficult to make a card without at least one of these colours

Do you listen to music while you stamp?
Yes, I pretty much listen to anything as long as it's not loud.

3 wishes:
Health and happiness for my family
To have more time to stamp (ie not have to go out to work all day)
To have the money to buy the craft supplies I would like (not need lol)

I have lots of sweet cards to show but I will post them tomorrow. I'm trying to spread things out a little bit so I don't have these mile long entries. lol. Have a great day everyone!

Today's question is: Do you have an exercise routine?

I've been pretty bad the past few months. I usually do Yoga at least 3 times a week. I don't know what happened. Lol. Must make that a New Year's resolution.


Kerry said...

OMGosh... Bev, super cute! I am so in for Digi scrapbook or cardmaking!

I usually go to Karate twice a week, but I have been bad for the last couple months. LOL! I must go back after the New Year.

Lindy Stamper said...

cute cards!

I don't have an exercise routine per se, but I do skate and swing dance if you want to call them exercise. ;)

Sandra MacLean said...

Bev, your cards are so pretty and detailed! You're certainly not embellie-impaired like I am! LOL

I do not have an excerise routine. I prefer sports over excerise. They keep my mind from wandering and getting bored too quickly! haha

Elena said...

Bev's cards are absosutely beautiful! Love coloring and all of the layouts!
I didn't do exerise for a long time... I used to do Tae-bo. I need to start it again!

Novell said...

Wonderful cards and the digi-stamps sound great! How does inkjet ink work with Copics? I hope it doesn't smear. Hmm...something to try.

I don't have an exercise routine at all. My son's former PE teacher now teaches classes and I love them because they motivate me but they are expensive and the timing doesn't fit my schedule well because I work all day. I'm not motivated enough to sign up for a 6:30am class, either. I really need to do something, though. I should walk every day. I'm not heavy but I'm definitely not in shape, either.

Lim said...

Bev, as usual your cards are gorgeous. The coloring and details are just stunning. Beautiful color combo and priceless final result.
You do magic with your Cuttlebug. Hugs,

LIM :)

the whimsical butterfly said...

SUPER CUTE BEV!! So glad you were up on the blog today!

I am totally excited about the digital scrapbook stuff. The digistamps, I'm kind of mixed. Although totally convenient, there is still something to be said about inking up some good ol' fashioned rubbah, you know?

The ink works fine w/ Copics as long as you use a better qualityCS still. The only problem is, for those of us who don't have photoshop or windows gallery, you end up having to "cut" out images that print out too close together, etc. :( But, def. less shipping and storage. So there are pros and cons. I'll stick to my cluttered stamp that rubber and acrylic! :)

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Fabulous cards Bev!!!

An exercise routine is on my new years resolution list for sure... I used to be good about going to the gym, but let it go when we moved.

How fun about the digi-stamps. I have tons and enjoy using them!
hugs, Jami

Carolina said...

Bev's is sooo talented and love getting to know her a bit better.

Exercise - on a good week run and weights...step class is also fun when I can make it to class.

Brocéliane said...

love all the Bev's cards, they are just fabulous:)