Friday, December 5, 2008

Club Anya 2009

Anya fans, look forward to Feb. 14th 2009. Valentine's Day! I'm working hard to make this a really awesome club to be in. It's going to be very fun! VP is still to be decided. Once it is decided, me and the VP will discuss project ideas and challenges.

Yayyy I waited all week for Friday! I'm not sure why but Fridays always bring smiles to me. hehe. I was at Michaels yesterday. I can probably stay there all day since they have their xmas stuff out. Oh and it was quite scary yesterday. It was really snowing, you know the really soft fluffy non-dangerous looking ones. Well apparently the soft fluffy snow makes the road extra slippery because they melt once they hit the road. I was on my way to Post and I couldn't stop my car at the stop sign. Luckily there was no car nearby. Well there was one coming but it was traveling slow. I could hear a skidding noise and my car slid past the stop sign. I thank my lucky stars.

Today's entry is really short. I'm working on a cute project and must hurry to it. Here's my card for the day. Notice how I created my own sparkles since I don't have glitter? Lol. Luckily the leaves already have glitter on it. Everyone have a safe and happy day!

Today's question is: What does your favorite guy like to eat?

Ray loves pizza of course. Hot wings come in second.


Molly Joly said...

Great card, Marie! Can't wait to hear the details on the Club!

I'd have to say my DH loves spaghetti. He could eat it seven days a week.

Lindy Stamper said...

That's an awesome idea for card!!! Yay for club!!!

My DH loves anything spicy, specifically Pizza from Mr. Gatti's

Dawn said...

A CLUB!!!!! When i frist read the title I was like... "get the credit card!!!!" So happy! Love this idea... and I am cranking out my 12 Christmas cards and having a BLAST doing so!!! I had to go out last night and I was like... uh... we NEED to get home... I MUST stamp!!!

Oh Yeah... and what my man likes to eat... Here is what he wont eat... canned peas... that is it...He is an easy keeper!(LOL)

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Woo Hoo for Club Anya!! Can't wait to hear all the details!

My Guy is easy to please...there's not much he won't eat, as long as it's not too spicy.
hugs, Jami

Elena said...

Love your idea with sparkles Marie! And card is so precious!
Thank you for doing Anya Fan Club!
My husband like hot wings too! And my son loves russian pancakes!

Kerry said...

Awesome card! Hurray for Anya Club!!

My guy loves his hamburger, 2nd choice pizza, pizza!

Novell said...

Oh I love it! I'm looking forward to Club Anya, too!

Hmmm...favorite food for DH. He likes Chicken Parmesan but I don't know if it's his favorite. My boys love cheese pizza and Hamburger Helper (blech!).

nancy morgan said...

Anya gets her own fan club...yay!!! So glad to hear you made it safely through the intersection in the snow. Remember the vintage birds set sentiment, Miracles Happen, well there ya go :)! And did I hear you say you have NO GLITTER...ahhhhh! How can that be possible? LOVE your card and your faux glitter, but come on girl...get some glitter already, lol! hugs, nancy :)

Dawn Nikol said...

Love the card! I can't wait for the club!! Normally I don't look forward to Valentine's Day, but that's changing this year!

My husband will eat anything (and does), except lima beans and cooked apples. So, no apple pie for him!

rachelsigmak said...

Awesome I can not wait for club ANYA!!!

My favorite guy loves chicken nuggets and apples... he's 4! Go figure. My second favorite guy loves Mexican, which is good, since he married into a Mexican family!!!!

the whimsical butterfly said...

OMGOSH! SOOOOO glad you are ok, Marie! This weather is sooo dangerous here so i can only imagine where you are!

Ok, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Club Anya "coat of arms!" it's amazing! That card is too cute, too. This is going to be TOO much fun!

the whimsical butterfly said...

oops...hit send too soon. My guy LOVES pizza, too. Works for me, I love it too :)c

Joyce said...

I love all of your details on this card, it's awesome!

Joyce said...

Oh, and my hubby likes anything spicy, I think he could eat Mexican food every day.

Monica said...

Oh I am soo excited about teh Anya club! I cant even wait!!!

DH favorite thing to eat is Taco's

*LOVE* the card too!


Tonya said...

Can't wait to hear more about Club Anya!!! YAH!!

My hubby loves Hummus!! Noone else in the house likes it, but he enjoys any flavor of it.

Maureen said...

I can't wait for the start of the club and I LOVE the logo - very cool!!

Thank goodness you didn't get hurt!! They just had an episode of Grey's involving that kind of ice on the road - really scary!

DH loves hot dogs, pizza, hamburgers - the normal junk food.

Enjoli said...

Oooh so exciting about Club Anya!! =) Absolutely love your card! Love how you created those sparkles!! =)