Monday, December 1, 2008

12 Cards of Xmas Challenge

Welcome to December everyone! Last month of the year! Eeee! Where did this year go? Let's kick off the last month of the year with a very special challenge!!!

Pink Poison presents

Rules: You have 12 days to make 12 Christmas cards using Pink Poison stamps. Main image must be Pink Poison. You may use accent and sentiments from other stamps but the main image must be a Pink Poison image.

Deadline: All cards must be submitted by Dec. 12th. I will post up the entries on the blog.

Prize: One lucky random winner will recieve the entire Jan. new releases! I just want to say that the Jan. releases are my favorite by far so good luck to everyone!

Here is my first card, featuring the Xmas Birds set. Btw, I have 3 left in stock and will not be ordering more for the year so if you want this set, get it now. I will post up one of my 12 cards everyday until the deadline.

Here are a few cards for today's lineup. The first ones are from Clare! How lovely are they! Cup of Stuff is very versatile. lol.

The following card are from Cheryl! First is very sophisticated Wishing Tree and then there is an underworld show of Mermaid Anyas!

Also to answer a few questions:

First off, yes I know a lot of people like the name Pink Poison. Lol. I did get some emails yesterday expressing sadness. And I am sad too but please understand that there are already previous entities with the name Pink Poison so that is why I did not choose to legalize that name. It wasn't that I didn't want to keep that name because I did, but in the long run it was the better choice to change it. I hope that you will grow to love the new name as much as the old one.
  • LindyStamper: Yes I will make another badge for 'The Greeting Farm Friends'.
  • JenRaff: If you are interested in the paintings, they are for sale on
  • Laura: No I haven't seen the Age of Innocence yet. Now I will have to check it out. Lol.
  • Renee: My family used to have a farm so yes I once was a farm girl. hahaha.
That's all for today friends! Have a great one!!!

Today's question is: Which is worse- driving in heavy rain, snow, or fog?

Scarey!!! I'm going to say fog because one time I was driving and it was sooooo foggy I couldn't even see the hood of my car eventhough I had my headlights on. It was probably the scariest drive of my life. Well except that one time when I had to drive at night and I just heard a reallly scary ghost story. hahahha. That was scary too.


Lindy Stamper said...

Great cards!!! Now I have to get working on my own. :)

Elena said...

Very-very excited about this challenge Marie! And I just love your card!!!! Love Clare's and Cheryl's cards too! So cute!!!
As for me I don't see anything wrong with the company name. Farm is a place we we are growing someting, right! So we will grow our greetings and make the world happy and feel it with smiles and joy, just because your stamps are so special, Marie!!!
I will say I am afraid of fog the most....

Sandra MacLean said...

That's a great name Marie!! I do like Pink Poison, but I understand your reasons for the change.

Personaly, I hate driving in heavy snow fall. I narrowly missed an oncoming car a few years back because I couldn't see where the road markers were. It was frightening!!

the whimsical butterfly said...

Really fun challenge! unfortunately I have SO much DT work for other "12 days" stuff I don't think I'm going to be able to play and it's KILLING me LOL!

Cheryl's mermaid Anya card w/ the dark hair was so striking to me-I didn't pictuer her like that so itw as AWESOME! Everyone's cards are just gorgeous!

No worries, Marie...we still heart you! The new name is cute and I'm sure we'll all adjust ;) Can't wait for my Wonderland set!!!!!

Kerry said...

Awesome cards! So pretty!! So excited about the xmas challenge, I just started making my xmas card yesterday, haha! That will give me another excuse to get them done. About the change... GO! The Greeting Farm! Still big fan!! :-)

ribenaruby said...

Brilliant creations by all. It would have to be fog as I've watched too many horror fog films and seeing and driving through it scares me to bits.

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Fun challenge....I hope I can do this. So many things going on this week!!

Love all the cards today!!

I hate driving in heavy rain because of the hydroplaning...had a scary time with that once. I grew up in Ohio, so the snow doesn't bother me much.
hugs, Jami

Dawn said...

Personally, I don't care what you call it... just keep making your gorgeous stamps!!! I am HOOKED ON THEM!!! I love the new name... it is very fresh... I hate driving in the snow and do you want to see our cards daily... or all 12 at once? thanks for this challenge... and i already have one done! Aesome challenge!

Tonya said...

Oooohhhh!!! I'm excited....I love your challenges and this one I get to do!! YAH!!

I hate driving in the fog but the heavy rain is worse for me....yuck!!! I don't care how many settings I have on my wipers they don't seem to be enough!