Monday, November 10, 2008

Rachel Henahan - Gold

Let's start off this glorious day with a mini interview with our 2nd Gold winner for the Pink Poison Olympics at 35 cards, Rachel Henahan! Henahan.... I always say that name outloud when I see it. It's very catchy to me. View more of Rachel's card here at the Olympics Gallery.

Rachel Henahan

1. Why did you decide to join the Olympics?
I decided to join the Olympics because, I love the stamps at Pink Poison and I have been dying to ink up the new Anya's!!! I thought what a great way to really put some ink to rubber! I love to join in on a fun challenge!

2. How did you go about planning your cards?
I tried to take a very economical approach, and get some use from my scraps. All of my cards were made from my scrap box! I was excited to get some mileage from those beautiful unused paper leftovers! Some of the cards used SCS sketch challenges from the past. But most were just created using whatever scraps I could find that were the right size!!!

3. How long did it take you to complete your cards?
I only had two available days to stamp this week. I had originally planned on making 10 cards a day all week... but my Pregnant body was not cooperating!!! On Day One I made cards sets for my Mother in Law and they took me about 3 hours... my 4 year old interrupts often! On day two I pulled out the lovely Miss Anya... I wanted to make 5 cards for each Anya... After about 3 hours, I realized poor Nurse Anya was not going to see ink! The more I stamped Anya, the more I loved every Anya! I just love to paper piece her little clothes and give her lots of layers and bling! Oh, I just can not wait for my Baby girl to get here!

4. Any tips and advice for future Olympians?
My tip for the future Olympian Hopeful... Have fun! Make cards you will use and love!

5. Most importantly, did you have fun and should there be more Olympic challenges in the future?
I had a ton of fun! I love these splendid little stamps. Count me in for future Olympic challenges, but I am due December 1st... so my Olympic training is on hold until after all that!!! I imagine that they will only get bigger and better...

Along with today's Gold interview, I do have some very nice cards to show as well. This first one is by our Clare Curd who's been a vaca for awhile so that's why we haven't been seeing cards from her. But now she's back so prepare to see some splendid creations. She made this Xmas card version of Princess Anya! Beautiful!!!!

Cheryl made this super adorable Home Sweet Home card! I love how the image is extended up!

Look at the prettiness of Pam's card! She used the Vintage Birds and omgoodness.... a masterpiece!

I am working on a fun little challenge for you all! I'll post up the challenge on Thursday so keep an eye out! That's all for today. Have a great one!

Today's question is: What stamp images should Pink Poison make more of?

I ask this because your suggestions matter a lot to me and many of the sets that I've done are from the readers. So let me know and I'll make note of it. Thank yous!


Sandra MacLean said...

I adore that card from Clare!! And congratulations to Rachael for using up some scrap paper to make all those cards. I think you have a nice balance between single stamps (Anya's and Ian's) and the sets, so I wouldn't suggest making one more than the other - the sets give a stamper more of a variety of cards to make, yet your Anya's and Ian's are stinkin cute and I'd hate to see less of those! :D Clear as mud?! hahaha

Lindy Stamper said...

I just love Anya's & Ian's... and I haven't even gotten my Ian's yet and I love him!

I like the Wonderland type images, and of course the cupcakes (food)and bunnies (animal).

Elena said...

Beauiful cards!!! Congratulations to Rachael!!!
Clare's card is amazing!
That is a hard question! Of course yours Anya's and Ian's stamps are the most precious!!! May be to each holiday to have some themed stamp sets. Like for Easter (of course Lucky Bunny is perfect here), Valentine's Day... I also like your new stamps that were in pre-orders! What do you think Marie?
I am very excited about new challenge!

Bunny B said...

Love that Princess Anya card! Gorgeous!! I love Anya! She's so pretty!!
I love cute animals! Maybe you could have a kitten set? And other cuties.

Dawn Nikol said...

Lovely cards! Everybody is so talented. =)

My favorite stamps have been the Anya & Ian's (of course) and the girls you created for the "character" category. I'd love to see more of those "all inclusive" types with the "character(s)" with additional sentiment/accessory. I think they're versatile and very, very creative. =)

Alyssa Clawson said...

Great cards girls! I am in love with the monkeys from the pirate set. Maybe they could have their own set? I also love the buttons with the fast food characters. Maybe there could be a food set with adorable smiling treats/food/beverages/candy?

the whimsical butterfly said...

VERY cute cards from Rachel and everyone!!! I think Pink Poison should make a counterpart to Best mates....maybe more pirates, matey? Also an everyday type set featuring Anya and Ian might be cute (like the cake topper one but a more everyday theme :)


Jami {sgtStamper} said...

I love all the cards ladies! So nice to get to know you a bit Rachael - best of luck with your pregnancy!!

I love all your stamps, so it's hard to say. You know I love Anya and Ian, so I'd always love to see more. Maybe since they got married, they can have a baby or a dog/cat/fish/pet now?

Also, I love paper-piecing with Anya...maybe a full set with a generic Anya and some separate clothes and accessories/hats/shoes to put on her? Kinda like paper dolls. that might be fun!
hugs, Jami

Dawn said...

Just more of what you are already doing... LOVE your stamps and I just love seeing what you come up with! Can't wait to get my pre-order... but I love my little Anya's and I am stamping the heck out of them in the meantime!!!

paulssandy said...

I am so new and am wondering where is "Ian" hidding?

The cards are wonderful and what a fun post to read. Congrats to teh winner :o)

I just ordered my first stamp set today and can hardly wait for nurse Anya to be back in stock.

I posted or emailed a suggestion for stamps earlier today, which was a series of Stewie stamps. He could come with clothes for layering and accessories, too, in time. Maybe he could be the pet dog that JAMI suggested :o)
Sandy O