Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quiet Morning

Sweet Saturday Stampers. My big goal this weekend is to come up with a dish for the future in-law's thanksgiving on Thursday. And then also my sample for the challenge on Monday. Excitement!

I'll keep it short today with just a sprinkle of cards.

This cute card was by Faith. She used the Vintage Birds and the sentiment is from Home Sweet Home. Very very pretty.

The follow army of cards are by Nancy. Woo hoo! Loving the Wishing Trees!!!

Yea this is my kind of tree.... LOL.

Pretty Mermaid Anya!!!

Have a great and safe weekend!

Today's questions is: Has anyone tried Turducken?

LOL. I've been hearing alot about this. I guess it's like chicken stuffed inside a duck inside a turkey? It's suppose to be really good and probably a million calories. Just want to see if anyone has tried it. hehe.


Sandra MacLean said...

Oh my gosh! I haven't tried that dish but wow how impressive would that be on the dinner table!? The cards are wonderful today - as always!

Elena said...

Hello Marie! I never heard about this dish. But it sounds very interesting!
These cards are just amazing! Love this Wishing Tree stamp set!
I also have an award for you at my blog! Sorry if you already had it and I missed it.

Dawn Nikol said...

That doesn't sound good to me... I have heard of it though. I'm pretty much a turkey & seafood kind of girl! =) Let us know if you get to try it though! I'm sure it would be interesting.

Fantastic cards again!!

the whimsical butterfly said...

Nope LOL no Turducken for me :) I'm a traditional turkey kinda girl on Thanksgiving :) But, I'd be anxious to hear the reviews!

Beautiful cards today....lots of inspiration! I'd better get to stamping!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

OK...that sounds like someone made it up. LOL. Is it for real? Now I'm really curious... DH always cooks a turkey - and as long as he continues to cook it each year, I'm more than satisfied to eat just turkey!!
hugs, Jami

Tonya said...

Interesting...I've never heard of it but hmmm....sounds like a lot of work!! =)

Great cards....I love the money tree!!!

Kerry said...

Oh yes! We had one last year... it was really good. Most of us never one it before, but everybody liked it!