Saturday, November 29, 2008

Paintings, a card, update, and ezine

Hi friends! Shop update. OMGosh, release date is Monday and I'm still waiting for my stamps!!!!!!!! I think it will get here ON Monday. So I do apologize for my pre-orderers because production delayed this month that is why you haven't gotten your Ians and other sets yet. But I did say that you will get them when I get them so I guess we're all in the same boat here. So Sorry.

About two months ago, I did a collaboration with a good friend of mine at Foxylulu, Amanda. Amanda is a talented jewelrist (haha I made that word up). Occasionally I help create art for her sensational jewelry line. But two months ago we decided to work on a project called 'Wall Frosting' which are limited framed artwork. Our first concept was do a 'Marie Antionette' theme in which I created cameo-like faces printed on canvas which is then framed by Amanda's custom designed frames. Here is our limited edition first set. We are only printing 50 of each, signed and numbered.

I also wanted to let you know that Pink Poison was featured in L'Atelier du Scrap ezine! Please visit this site to download the ezine!

And today's little card all by itself is Elf Anya by Cheryl! Can't wait for xmas!

Have a great day everyone! The New Name for Pink Poison will be announced tomorrow. I'm so nervious. I hope you will like it. I really should have had a vote, don't know what I was thinking but for better or for worse, it will be known to all tomorrow. hahaha.

Today's question is: Who's your favorite actress/actor?

I like Kate Winslet. I love watching her in periodical movies. Any movie with ballgowns and dashing heroes are A-Okay with me!


Elena said...

No worries about pre-orders Marie. I think that everybody will understand it. It doesn't depend of you.
Wow! You are so very talented Marie! I love your art work for your friend! Love the birds you added in one of the Marie Antionette!
Congratulations on being featured!
Anya Elf by Cheryl is adorable! Love the ribbons!
Have a wonderful day Marie!
Very very excited about new name company!

Laura said...

Eeeeeek! My gooodness, that print is absolutely gorgeous. You are so super talented! I wish I had even just a little bit of your talent.

I am really excited to hear the new name! I think it is going to be just fine! :)

I also love those old type films with amazing costumes and what I like the most are the wonderful characters in those movies. Do you like watching the age of innocence?

JenRaff said...

Your Marie Antionette's are gorgeous!! How much are you selling them for and how do you order it?

Dawn Nikol said...

They are really beautiful.

Jen, I think you order them from her friends site. =)

No worries about the Ians, we still got the special price and security of knowing we have them!

I don't have a favorite actor/actress really. I used to love Julia Roberts, but some of her films started not being so great and threw me off. I do really like Sandra Bullock. I like a good chick flick.

Jenny said...

Love the Wall Frosting!! Can't wait for the new stamps!!

Novell said...

I love these new framed Marie Antoinettes! Gorgeous! My favorite is the one with the birds in her fair. I'm excited for the new release and hope I can get them before they sell out.

Favorite actress...Audrey Hepburn

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Love your wall frosting... I do believe I recognize those birds too!! These are amazing!!

Movies...I'm a sucker for a good tear jerker.
hugs, Jami