Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh it's Tuesday!

I don't know why but somehow I thought today was Sunday. haha. Ahhh it's Tuesday. So I spoke with my stamp maker lady and she said that she might ship out the Ians to me by this weekend so let's hope that's the case! C'mon Ian!

In other stamping news... still waiting for response from IRS in regards to name transfer. It's really killing me. I want to officialize by Jan. 1st so I want to get all the paperwork done. Wahhh. I had a few people tell me that they really like the Pink Poison name... I know... it does kinda grow on you doesn't it? I try not to think about it too much because then I'll start to doubt the new name which isn't as funky. It's a bit of a normal name as not to scare some people away. hahaha. I have also been working on new stamps and am really liking it. Onto today's lineup!

Elena kicks off today's lineup with Teacher Anya and the Wishing Tree. What a delightful combination!

This one is also by Elena. I totally love the little pearls on her shirt. Splendid detail!

Ok seriously. I have to get myself some of these pearls. Jessica sent in this Mermaid Anya whose hair is royally adorned.

I snagged this from Jenn. A super cute Wishing Tree!

I also have some great challenges/projects coming up, thanks to the suggestions of my wonderful readers. More details on that later this week.

Today's question is: If there was an Anya made after you, what would she be?

I think I would be a Nerd Anya or maybe an Artist Anya. Either one works fine for me.


Lindy Stamper said...

great cards!

If there were a special Anya made for me... I would have one that dance... one that dressed up w/ saddle shoes, and one w/ glasses

Elena said...

Love Jessica's Mermade Anya and Jenn's cute Wishing Tree! Hope that the process with renaming will go faster! But I love the name company the way how it is!
I think I would be Ballerina Anya (always wanted to be a ballet dancer), or maybe Stewardess Anya (that was my other dream)!

Anonymous said...

Anya would be a complete diva with bling, maybe a fur collar and of course a royal crown that might be seperate. The complete diva she should be - lol. And I just love Mermaid Anya - well I love them all.

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

These cards are all AWESOME!! Ya...I definitely NEED some of those pearls too!!

Hmmm...I might be Army-Anya, Karaoke-Anya, Computer-Geek-Anya, Need-my-morning-coffee-in-my-jammies-Anya...
hugs, Jami

ok...have to share...my captcha word for this post is shneeza. Is that not a riot!?

Molly Joly said...

Beautiful cards, ladies! Love 'em!

Hmmmm....an Anya after me? How about lawyer Anya? Wearing a pant suit and carrying a briefcase?

JenRaff said...

I found your website through Stamping When I Can and love it -- and love your name!! I immediately went to buy the Anya's which I am completely enthralled with, and your out of stock with most of them. Will you be getting more??? I NEED them!!!

the whimsical butterfly said...

Yeah for the cards today! Everyone's are just gawgeous!

OMGosh...just the THOUGHT of a Butterfly Anya sends shivers down my spine...that would totally be my Anya if there was ever one designed after me...well, then there's mommy Anya LOL but doesn't a Butterfly sound fabulous?!?!?!

KraftyKerilou said...

Wow~! Those cards are great! Very vivid colors, and the coloring job is fabulous!
Kerilou SCS

Dawn Nikol said...

hah! I have to agree, a butterfly Anya would be amazing!

Unless you're willing to do another couples stamp with Anya and Ian as Bella & Edward Cullen? *grin*

More great cards everybody! Sheesh!

Becky Sorensen said...

Wonderful cards!!

Lately, if you made an Anya after me, it would be curly frizzy bed hair and mis-matched pj's!!! That is what I am usually in until noon- don't ask I don't know why and my nephews that I babysit here at 7:20 am and their mama just laughs!!! lol

The Doodle Factory said...

I think it would be really cute if you did a "Gardening Anya"

the whimsical butterfly said...

OMG Dawn a Bella/Edward ian and Anya?!?!?! That would be INSANE! I would have an army lined up to preorder LOL! You rock!

Tonya said...

=) I had to smile when a couple of you talked about "Bella" Anya....when I saw Teacher Anya with her little apple she was Bella to me!!! However, I would love to see a special Twilight set made!!!!!!! =))))))

However, I would have to agree with Jami and have a in my pjs before my morning coffee Anya....would be perfect!!

Renee G said...

If there was a special anya for me it would be artist anya or mother anya.

Joyce said...

Do I have to pick just one?

A stamper/crafter Anya

A Survivor Anya (breast cancer)

A dragonfly Anya