Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mr. Stamper Challenge

Pink Poison presents...

What is it?
Mr. Stamper Challenge is strictly for boys only. That includes your hubbies, sons, brothers, nephews, you get the picture. I thought this would be a wonderful challenge that will brew some quality time between you and your favorite guy. This will also give your guy a chance to win a free stamp set for you!

Rules: BOYS ONLY! Ladies, no helping! You can watch your guy put the card together. Layout and coloring is all up to them. You may help them cut pieces if they are young. The main stamp image must be a Pink Poison stamp. You may use other sentiments but as long the main image is Pink Poison stamp. One entry per guy.

The Prize: The winner of Mr. Stamper will win a free stamp set for you or them or whomever they want. haha. Stamp set is his choice.

The Judge: I will be letting my fiance, Ray, be the Judge. hehe. He's gonna make a card too. This should be good.

Sunday, Nov.16th. I will post up the winner on Monday, Nov. 17th. Oh make sure when you email me the entries, to include his name. Thanks!

Any questions, email me.


Today's lineup is pretty nice! Our first card of the day is by Pam. She used the Wishing Tree and made this super pretty tree. I definitely need to be using purple now. The layout is also very awesome!

This Wishing Tree is from Chat! Color combo is fabulous! It's very subtle and sophisticated.

The basement has been bustling and Kim sent me these awesome Anya cards. Beautiful coloring and color choices!

My fav stalker, Dawn made this cute Elf Anya card! I likes the sparklies on the bell. Fabulous! I'm so ready for xmas now!

And then I made this album cover for a Xmas scrapbook that I will be sending my mom using the super cutie Hello Ian.

That's it for today. Hope to see many entries from your guys! This is going to be awesome!

Today's question is: Who's your favorite guy and what's his favorite color?

My fave guy is my fiance, Ray. His favorite color is blue. It matches his eyes. hahaha.


Elena said...

Oh! What a fun challenge!!! My son would like to make a card for this!!!
Love new cards! They are so cute! It is amazing also how Pink Poison community is growing at Paper Craft Planet!
Your mom will love your album!!!
My favotite guy is my son!And his favorite color is green and blue!

Lindy Stamper said...

What a fun challenge... too bad my guy won't go near the craft room. LOL.

My favorite guy, my hubby. His favorite color is Green.

Vicky said...

Great challenge!
my favorite guy used to be my hubby... but now is my 6 months son! Sorry hubby! LOL
No idea what's his favorite color is but i can't wait to find out!!!

Vicky from Greece

Basement Stamper said...

Love the album cover, it's AWESOME!!!! I have 3 favorite guys, my hubby and 2 sons. Since one son doesn't know what colors are yet, I'll pick the oldest who's favorite color varies by the hour but I'd say overall it's orange.

Sandra MacLean said...

My jaw dropped when I read the challenge! A boy? Make a card? What were you drinking last night Marie! LOL But, I called up my hubby this morning from work and he's up for the challenge!! Does my man love me or what?! ;)I guess we'll be stamping together Saturday night! hahahhaa Oh! By the way, hubby's favorite color is blue - go figure!

rachelsigmak said...

Alright!!! My son is in!!! He is 4 and looooves to stamp... he has lots of his own, but likes to use mine if he gets the chance!!!

His favorite color is Green.

Tonya said...

LOL!!! Like Lindy, there is no way I could get my hubby to craft.....I can't wait to see what everyone else's guys do though!!! Very exciting twist!!

My hubby is my favorite guy and he is a blue fan.....every shade of blue!!!

The Head Family said...

Great challenge, my favorite guy is my hubby with a close second being my 10 month old son. Hubby's favorite colour is orange, and my son seems to favor blue right now.
If my stamps get here in time (first order of anya's- I am SO excited) hubby will be in, he stamps my bday cards every year :)

the whimsical butterfly said...

OMG this is the bEST challenge EVER!!!!!!!!!! My fave guys are my twin boys. I could never pick one over the other...they are both amazing and different in ways which is cool, too. They are my "BEST MATES!!!!"

OMG this challenge is the BOMB!!!! I can't wait...AwESOME IDEA!!!!

Mz Kelz said...

This is a great challenge!! My hubby wont be participate because letting him in my scrap room would mean he might find out just how much stuff I actually have.. hahahah... But I know one little boy who will be ALL over this... My fav guys are my hubby (most days) and my boys!
Loving the IAN album.. cant wait to get mine!

Dawn Nikol said...

WOW! How fun of a challenge is that!? I'll have to talk to my husband...

Can I have a tie for favorite guy? I mean, how can a Daddy's Girl choose between her husband and Dad? Ick!

Dad's favorite color is blue and Ryan's favorite color is blue.. or orange. He's moody that way. =)

Great cards everybody!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Oh yikes...I just got my hubby to make a card for the first time last week...not sure I could get him to do it again. Of course, it may save him from buying me another stamp set!!

My favorite guy is my hubster...he truly is my hero. We'll be married 18 years next week! His favorite color is blue (it also matches his eyes)
hugs, Jami

Dawn said...

Well... he did it! We had fun and I think he made a great card. He tried really hard because I told him I could win free stamps... Honestly, I think he heard the FREE part!!! HEE HEE HEE!!! I am so proud of the trooper he was as this kind of thing is SOOOO far out of his element...but I think he did great! I would love for him to see the comments, so feel free to leave him so words if you look at my blog! I hope that is ok that I said that... thanks for the fun challenge!

Maureen said...

Marie - thanks so much for another super fun challenge!! I had the best time watching my hubby make this card and I LOVE the finished piece!! Hope you guys love it too!