Monday, November 17, 2008

Mr. Stamper award goes to...

Pink Poison's

the winner is................. Mike (Maureen Wong's hubby)!

Look at the hand drawn treasure map he did! Mike or Maureen, email me the chosen stamp set! And congrats!


Good day stampers! I want to thank all those who've participated. Whew! Ladies, these guys are pretty good! Makes me wonder why not many guys are into scrapbooking and stamping. They could sooo rock it! I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed it. I do want to showcase all those who've entered so today's entry is dedicated the cards made by our dear guys. Here's to you, boys! *cheers*

Our Mr. Stamper Judge, Ray created this card with Space Ian. I'm glad he made this card and after a few grumbles, he did seem to enjoy it. hahaha. He took forever trying to narrow down to the winner because he liked all the cards but wants everyone to know that they did a spectacular job!

This card was created by Al Downey. I like the paper a lot and he did a fab job at lining the stamp up! Everything's perfectly centered.

This cute Harajuku Nurse Anya was by Paul Kayra. Funky and cool. Nice coloring Paul!

This is Jack Diedrich, hard at work with his Best Mates set. Jack is captain of this stamping vessel! Red and black, a good piratey choice of colors.

Also enjoying this challenge is Jack's twin brother, Nicky Diedrich! Although he has a broken leg, Nicky steps up to the challenge! Loving the faint stars on the background. Cheers for Nicky!

Jack and Nicky's dad, Chris also put in a card. Glitter and sparkles, now that's my kind of card!

Another one of our little crafters is James Henahan! James is also a Best Mates fan. Look at the excitement in his face! The inside is a picture he drew of him, mom, and a shelf of stamps. Too cute!

Little Sergei Joldersma loves to stamp and this was his entry!

Sergei's dad, Ken also made a card. Another family of talented stampers!

Ryan Nikol worked on this card. This guy is dedicated! He even used die-cuts! Awesome! Love the green and the dotted DP.

Blaine Guggenmos
made this little green card from the Friends Forever set. The colors of the flowers coordinate nicely with the DP.

Luke Guggenmos (Blaine's brother) made this pretty rust colored card using the Cup of Stuff set. I like the color scheme and usage of brads here.

This one is from Scott MacLean. Beautifully done! Glitter galore!

I think the guys did a wonderful job! *applause* They should do this more often. hahaha. I hope everyone had a great time! I certainly did.

Today's question is: Read any good books lately?

Unfortunately I haven't. I know, I'm bad. But I'm open to any suggestions. hahaha.


Laura said...

Congratulations to the winner!!! Awesome cards! Love them all. oops.. forgot to say.. Paul's last name is McAllister :).

Elena said...

Congratulations Mike!!! You did an awesome card! Wow! It looks like a real treasure map! All the Mr. Stampers are so talented!
Thank you Marie and Ray for this great challenge! Ray, your card is so cute!
And now to the question: I am reading a book "What I Know Now". It is a book about women who shares the wisdom they wish they would had when they were younger.

the whimsical butterfly said...

Wow! That treasure map is amazing! How cool is that? Thanks for doing this was so much fun to see the boys get out there and stamp!

Jack and Nicky were thrilled to see their pics up on the blog...they said "Mom we're famous!" So cute. Thanks again!

I am not reading anything now. After I finished the Twilight series nothing looked good to me LOL. I really need to pick up a book, huh?

Sandra MacLean said...

WOW!!! These men sure can stamp! Congratulations Mike - your card ROCKED IT! (My husband is going to be so bummed! LOL)

Dawn Nikol said...

Congrats Mike! Great job everybody!

I just read the Twilight series 5 times in a row... lol. So, needless to say, I haven't read another good book lately! =)

Tonya said...

I love all the great it is that the guys enjoyed this!!! I'm showing this blog to my hubby in hopes that next time around I can convince him I wasn't just bluffing....guys can make cards too!!! I really like Space Ian....cute!!!

Books......I have to say...Marie as you know TWILIGHT is my top priority. =))) I'm hoping when the movie comes out I will stop being so obsessed and move on to something else but I've read the series 3 times and am working on my 4th time through.

I love romance and one of my favorite authors of all time is Erin McCarthy....she has great series of books. I've read just about everything she's printed but the Seven Deadly Sins series (the two books currently out are My Immortal and Fallen) good because they are not just romance but also a bit of mystery and a bit of historical wrapped into one!!!

Sorry for the long post, when you get me going on cards and books I could write all day long.

Enjoli Bennett said...

Congrats Mike!! =) So sweet to win Maureen a stamp set! Super cute Ian card! I love it.. And love the rest of the cards too.

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Wow - these guys rocked it!! Congrats Mike!! That nurse Anya and her blue hair is amazing! My hubby had to work all weekend and didn't get to play...maybe next time!! I should've asked my teenage boys to give it a go.

Read? Yikes, I haven't read in quite some time...except for blogs!! I tend to do all my reading online these days.
hugs, Jami

Basement Stamper said...

Great job guys! My husband would have laughed me back to my stamp room had I asked him to create something.

I'm reading Nicholas Sparks book right now...The Lucky One. I love his books

Maureen said...

Yippeee!!! THis is so cool - thank you!!!! Mike is totally thrilled that he won and even helped me pick which set to get!

As for books, I used to be a voracious reader, but then I had to read an unbelievable amount in law school and I haven't been much of a reader since. BUT, I do love listening to the Harry Potter books on CD (the Jim Dale versions). I think I've listened to the whole series about 50 times already!