Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jessica Diedrich - Silver

Before our daily card lineup, let's say hello to our whimsical butterfly, Jessica Diedrich who is Pink Poison's Silver Medalist, at 31 cards! If anyone can rock that Best Mates stamp set, it's her. To view the rest of her cards, check out her gallery in the Olympics Gallery.

Jessica Diedrich

1. Why did you decide to join the Olympics?
I loved the idea-it was original and sounded like loads of fun. Also, I'm not gonna lie...the prizes!! WOW! Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me!

After getting started though, I had another idea which I'm excited about. I decided to donate the cards I made from the PP Olympics to the Ronald McDonald house in Minnesota.

A few years ago, a friend of mine lost her 2 year old daughter and the impact on me was pretty awe-inspiring. I still marvel at her constant example of faith and strength to this day. Anyway, before all of this happened, they spent a great deal of time at a children's hospital in MN and spent months at the RMH up there. They do wonderful things and I decided that with the holiday donation time approaching, I could do something to give back for all of my blessings. So, I figured these cards would be great to give to not only the sick children, but the siblings who are up there at the RMH just waiting for their loved ones to hopefully get better. Also, to the workers for all of their hard work and support to these families. Anyway, that drove me to make more cards and I'm still putting together a few more for them.

2. How did you go about planning your cards?
The only thing I did to really "plan" was a big pile o' scraps I had waiting for me! I am SORT of a DP junkie (LOL!...I'm sure you've noticed) and decided to use up some scraps by planning my cardstock choices around them so that I have less clutter in my stamping area. It worked for the most part!

3. How long did it take you to complete your cards?
About 4 days. I started/stopped in between some DT stuff I had going on and also a wicked cold...but I'm happy w/ the results :)

4. Any tips and advice for future Olympians?
Play along!!! It's a great way to challenge yourself and keep others on their toes, I've met some really cool people through this blog, so the more the merrier I always say! Even if you didn't win this time around, it was fun, wasn't it? A huge thanks to Marie for this...I love a challenge and am my own best/worse opponent!!!

5. Most importantly, did you have fun and should there be more Olympic challenges in the future?

Most definitely. Now that I have a few new stamp sets coming my way...I'm sure to gear up for more challenges!! oooh the possibilities! :)

As for today's card line up, I did manage to squeeze in a little stamping time last night. haha. Who knew that making 3 cards could cause such a mess in the dining room. This first one is a sample of the Wonderland set that some of you preordered. In case you are wondering, YES I will be making more 'storybook-ish' sets... Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan, and Hansel & Gretel comes to mind.

Then I made this Sporty kind of tag-card with Quarterback Ian. Hmmm... now that I look at it though, it's missing something. More bling?

I was counting chickens with the McSplendid farm set. haha. I actually stamped an army of these chickens.

This super spectacular Anya Elf tag ornament is by Pam!!! Adorable!

And last but definitely NOT least here is one of Renee Guggenmos's super awesome totally spectacular albums, featuring Friends Forever on the cover!!! Woo hoo!!! I have to tell you that I ordered an album from her a long time ago and it is the most beautiful little book ever! Trust me, you will not be disappointed when you buy her albums. They are always full of love and details.

Now to clean the dining area! Have a great one everyone! Oh and fun challenge tomorrow so check back!

Today's question is: What's your favorite scent?

Scent... I always opt for Vanilla or Clean Linen when I buy candles. haha. I was risky the other day though and went for an Apple Pie candle.


Elena said...

Congratulations to Silver Medalist! Jessica, you card are so beautiful1 And it was so kind ti donate them!
Love your cards Marie!!! So cute! love your coloring and layout!!!
Gorgeous tag Anya! And just wonderful mini-book!!!
Your stamps are really inspire all of us!!!
My favorite scents are Vanilla and Cinnamon!
Can't wait to the new challenge!

Bunny B said...

I love peachy scents!

Lindy Stamper said...

I would say anything food related, are my favorite scent... sounds sick, but you can smell barbeque, or cookie, or pie... yum!

Dawn Nikol said...

Cute cards!! Congrats Jessica!

Marie, I think the Quarterback Ian could use a sentiment maybe?

One of my favorite scents is "Country Apple" from Bath & Body Works... they've discontinued it now, but I adore it!

the whimsical butterfly said...

Wait wait wait, the WONDERLAND set?!?!?!? Did I miss something? Oh my...surely I think I did! LOVE that image on your card, marie!

Thanks you guys for your sweet words...I am really happy I got to play the Olympics and had such a fun time making those cards. Everyone's entries were fabulous!!!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Jess - you rock!! So many awesome cards and for such a wonderful cause!!

Love all the new release cards too! The coloring on that wonderland is amazing!

Favorite scent... in the spring I love the smell of fresh cut grass and freesias. When it gets cool out, I look for comfort scents (usually food smells) like vanilla, cookies, pies, and coffee smells. I do like the new vanilla/lavender scents that seem to be popular now.

hugs, Jami

Dawn said...

the cards are fantastic...I cannot wait to get my Alice stamps... but I am lovin the other ones just the same!!!

My FAVE candle is orange blossom and honey from The Naked Bee. It is organic and intoxicating... and a little candle is only $4 and the scent lasts forever!