Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jennifer Law - Gold

Happy Day dear friends! Today we are spotlighting Jennifer, who made 170 cards for our Olympics challenge. How she did it? Jennifer reveals to us her secret. More of her cards can be found in the Olympics Gallery.


Here is a breakdown of what Jennifer made:
I did three basic layouts. 1) large cards with embossed backgrounds in color cardstock and stamped images colored in with chalks, 2) large cards with pattern paper/plain color paper on cardstock and stamped image colored in with colored pencils or markers; and 3) small cards with pattern paper/plain color paper on cardstock and stamped image with colored with color pencils/markers. I added captions on the cloe up images on how many of each color I did. I think it was 30 of each of the five stamps I have with additional 20 cards with the mermaids. Most of the smaller cards, I stamp the head of the image only.

1. Why did you decide to join the Olympics?
I decide that it would be fun and a great challenge for me. It was the extra push that I needed to get some of my Christmas gifts done.

2. How did you go about planning your cards?
I looked on the website to find different layouts and color schemes for the stamps that I had. I thought about the people that I would be giving them to and what colors they liked.

3. How long did it take you to complete your cards?
About 40 hours to complete the 170 cards that does not include the time thinking about the layout,color schemes or gathering materials.

4. Any tips and advice for future Olympians?
Go with chalks if you plan on doing a 170 cards because your hands and wrist will hurt if you color them in with pencils/markers.

5. Most importantly, did you have fun and should there be more Olympic challenges in the future?
I had fun and plan and joining in again sometimes. I always enjoy a good challenge.

FYI friends, I just started a group on Paper Craft Planet here. So if you have an account there, remember to join. The more the merrier! Oh and also I have a few people asking me if I accept checks/money orders and I am working on that so I'll make notice once all is set. Have a sweetie tweetie day!

Today's question is: Is your house ready for the holidays?

Mine is still looking like I just moved in. LOL. But I have been seeing awesome things at Michaels and other stores so I look forward to jazzing the place up a bit soon.


Sandra MacLean said...

40 hours?! No wonder Jennifer won! Seriously, work really DOES get in the way sometimes! LOL

It all depends what holidays you are talking about! My house is still covered in Halloween decorations, so I'm ready for Halloween next year! LOL ;)

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Wow Jennifer - you totally deserve winning!!

My apartment is bare. We were very limited on how much we could bring with us overseas, so ALL of my holiday decorations are in storage. I didn't think I would miss them for just a couple years, but I do. The cool thing is this year I get a real tree! I miss the smell of a real tree. We're going to string popcorn and make homemade ornaments for it!
hugs, Jami

Lindy Stamper said...

Wow, that's alot of cards...

I am nowhere close to having my house ready for the holiday... watch that it gets here before I pull out my tree from storage... oy.

rachelsigmak said...

Awesome Job Jennifer!!!!

My house is not ready for the holidays! We have the baby coming December 1st... her room is ready! Good enough!

Dawn Nikol said...

That's a whole lot of stamina! Congrats!

My decorations are still packed up from last year, but as of November 15th, I'll be up in full swing!!

the whimsical butterfly said...

Lots of hours, for sure! But, well worth it too now that you have quite the arsenal of cards LOL! Great job, Jennifer!!

My house? Weelll, we decorate pretty minimally because of our active wee ones ;) I dont' want anything to break or be a danger, etc. but we do put a tree up for sure...I can't wait! Right now, the most decorated room is the kitchen! Where all the art is!!! You can't even see my fridge b/c of all the little projects and I love it!!

Elena said...

Jennifer! You did an amazing job!
My house is not ready for holidays yet... We usually buy real tree, I think it is too early for this.

Carolina said...

Okay, that some serious stampin - woo hoo! Way to go Jennifer!!!

As for my house being ready, well, sort of. A couple of years ago I bought Department 56 Christmas tree and I just keep it up all year around. Think Nightmare Before Christmas - funky and fun!

Bunny B said...

That sure is a lot of cards!!!