Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ok I thought the day would never come but here it is. Eee so nervous. Starting Jan 2009, Pink Poison will officially become:

So what do you think? It's not totally horrible right? Right? LOL! Well there you have it. The Greeting Farm....hmmmm... The Greeting Farm... ok so now it's all in the open.

I will be working on the shop site for that over the next few weeks so if you're wondering why the card gallery isn't being updated, it's because I'm transferring everything over to the new server. Appearance-wise, the shop will still be the same probably just different color and logo. I will also forward the the link over to the new site so no one gets lost. If anyone has any suggestions they'd like on the new site, please let me know. I will be adding a wholesale page on it for vendors as well.

Also, new releases are tomorrow!!! Release day is always kind of a happy crazy day. Lol. A lot of people have already been inquiring about the new stamps so I think we might sell out quick, so if you've been eyeing some of the new stuff remember to check tomorrow! For those who have pre-ordered, you can sleep in tomorrow because you're safe. hahaha.

Today's question is: What is your horoscope sign?

I'm a pisces!!!


Laura said...

Woohoo! *celebrating the new name with a drink* I love the new logo!

I am Aries :)

Lindy Stamper said...

That's cute logo! Will you have a icon for friends of Greeting Farm like you did before? I loved my bunny logo.

I'm a Pisces

Elena said...

I love the new name of the company! So cute!!! And logo is so neat! Marie, I think that everybody will like it!

Rachel Hope said...

WOO HOO, how fun!!! :) Cute logo!

I'm a Taurus

Clare said...

Yey! The Greeting Farm! Great new name. Putting the new logo on my blog as we speak, Marie. Much love to you. Clare x

I'm a Saggitarius BTW.

Dawn Nikol said...

I'm a Leo.

Now I have to change the labels on my stamp cases... lol. =)

Cheryl Walker said...

Marie, it is a cute logo, I love the way it looks too, cant wait to see everything all done up. Also love all the new stamps they are toooo tooo cute!!!!! Great job Marie :) I love your work:)


the whimsical butterfly said...

I am a Leo and totally hold up to my description LOL!

The Greeting Farm! YEAH! I'll be sad only for a while b'c the word
Pink isn't in it LOL, but I'll get over it ;) I LOVe the's too cute!

julialynn said...

Actually, PINK POISON, is a cool name for a company, the "greeting farm"??? Errrr, not so much.. I like PP better, but Hey thats just me :)

Elena said...

Hello Marie! It is me again! I forgot to wtite you that my sign is Gemini!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

I never would've guessed... The Greeting Farm. I like it!! It has a nice ring to it. I'm sure you have some fun ideas up your sleeve to go with it too... Can't wait to see the new site!!
Oh...I'm a Picses.
hugs, jami

rachelsigmak said...

Love the new name!!! Thanks for the well wishes... the new baby and I are home! So excited for new releases!!!

Renee G said...

I will miss the pink poison, think that was fitting for you.....never pictured you a "farm girl" giggle giggle, but change is hard for me...ha but think it will all work out well and im still a BIG fan!

Love the new stamps cant wait to see the new set up of the blog!! congrats!

Tonya said...

Time has gotten away with me and I haven't been to my favorite blog in a I had to look over some posts I've missed. I love the name....ok it's not Pink Poison love but it's cute, catchy and the little logo is darling. I really like the envelopes across the top!! =)

I'm a leo the lion...all the way baby!!!