Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy happy day! I have many things to be thankful for this year but on here today I would like to give a very warm thank you to all of you. Whether you are just stopping by or a frequent reader, it always lights up my face to read your messages. It makes everything more enjoyable when I can design something for you and know that you will like it. Your opinions and remarks are always dear to me and your suggestions are always written down in my notebook. I may create the products but you all are the inspiration behind it. I know it may sound cheesy but it's true! So I just want to say thank you and give warm hugs and I hope to never disappoint you in the products.

Ok so now that my eyes are dried, we can go ahead with today's lineup. First off is Elena with her usual cute flair!

Just look at this Wishing Tree panel card! Gorgeous!

Oooooh Teacher Anya with a cupcake!!!! Sweetest card ever!

And then this cute Home Sweet Home card featuring puppy!

Ok I know Faith has like a gazillion awesome card BUT I LOOOOOVE this one!!!! It's Teacher Anya and she's wearing the elf hat! Wahhhhh! So perfect!

I hope everyone has a beautiful day with their family. Stay safe and warm and eat good food! Love and hugs.

Today's question is: Describe your family in one word.

Funny. There is always laughter our family gatherings. Although this year will be my first Thanksgiving without them but I know I will enjoy the in-laws company because they're pretty good folks.


Dawn Nikol said...

Mine. I know that might sound funny, but they're definitely my family, even with all the crazy and good and bad. =)

the whimsical butterfly said...

Close. We are a very close family and I can't wait to go to my Mom's today!!

Marie, your post was beautiful! I am so thankful, too that I found Pink Poison but moreso that you are so involved w/ all of us and design your stamps with all of us in mind. I think what you do for us is wonderful and I know I can speak on others' behalf when I tell you that we are thankful for you too!!


Novell said...

My word would be 'busy.' My DH and I both work full time, I also teach stamping classes (and am now adding MM Slice classes to my repetoire), and have 2 boys active in sports. Seems like we are always busy.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Elena said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Marie! I am very thankful for you, for all your kind thoughts, for your very kind heart, for your stamping company, for your designs, for inspiration that you bring to us... Very happy that one day I found your blog and your store! I am thankful for this also! Thank you for everything you do for us!
My family... Love, that is the first word when I speak about family...
Happy Thanksgiving to Everybody!!!

Becky Sorensen said...


My family always laughs no matter what!! When things are bad, the silly one liners come out and break the tension and everyone is laughing and smiling. I get to hang out with them tomorrow!!!

MiamiKel said...

My family is the epitomy of love and faith combined. We've been through so much the past couple of years - the passing of my beloved dad that lived with us, my husband's dx of H-L, my brother moving far away to Germany permanently, sooo much more, but through it all, we have remained strong that Cancer is not bigger than God and we will get through anything with Him!
For that, on this Thanksgiving Day, we are so very grateful.
I'm so in love with your stamps -- I'm heading over to your shop now in search of Anya!
Have a blessed day!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Beautiful cards Elena & Faith!! And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

one word... Together! We both come from divorced families that are scattered around the country. We took our vows "better or worse" seriously and I am grateful that my small family stays together through all the hard times so that we can enjoy all the good times.

hugs, Jami