Friday, November 28, 2008

Guest - Renee Guggenmos

Ahhh! First off I thought I'd make a super announcment today. One of our beloved readers, Rachel Henahan had a beautiful little girl this morning! Congrats Rachel!!! And thank you Katie Cotton for sharing this amazing news with me so I can share with everyone!!! Mom and Baby are doing well. So happy!!!

Hmmm it seems I have double-booked today's entry because ATC showcase is today too. Lol. This shall be a long entry then. First I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their families. Mine was great. Good food and friends and some family video gaming. And yes, good food again.

Today I'd like to showcase Renee Guggenmos. The first time I met Renee was on ebay when her beautiful albums caught my eye. It was by chance really. I think I was looking for probably something craft-related and then OMG, I saw the most splendid albums ever to be created. I tried making an album after that but to no avail. haha. I shall leave that to the pros. This was the beginning of my initiation into the stamping world. Thanks Renee for your inspiration. Here are some samples of her albums. Such details!


Renee Guggenmos

1. How long have you been scrapbooking/stamping?
I have been making paper bag scrapbook albums for probably 5 years. I just started making cards about 6 months ago.

2. What is your favorite technique?
Aging is my favorite technique! I like the vintage look , so I like to age things , so I ink up my edges and I age tags etc with a coffee/vanilla mixture.

3. What is your tool of choice?
heat on an embossing spree! ha

4. $1000 and 30min to spend it?
Where do you go? I would go CRAZY in Hobby Lobby! I live in the middle of nowhere and its hard to find anything for scrapbooking, especially ribbon!

5. Describe your creative style?

6. Rubber stamps or clear?
Oh that is hard....I love them both actually, since im just starting in stamping I dont have many stamps, but I do have both types. I love the wood stamps, because i think they are little works of art and I like to display them, and the clear, make life easier when stamping in certain areas! So I can't choose!

7. If you were a color, what color would you be? Why?
I would be Purple! I love the color purple, purple is just a luscious color! It makes me happy!

8. Describe your crafting area.
We moved into our old house almost a year ago, and I FINALLY got my own room! It is not painted to my style yet but i have started to add a few things like vintage wooden cheese boxes to display my wooden stamps. I have 2 tables set up in an 'L" shape so I have a place to sew and a place to work and hold my supplies. My daughter who is 5 sits opposite me most all the time, doing her thing as well! I hope to find an old hutch to store all my scrapbooking supplies in and paint my room in shades of sage green, and make it a shabby/vintage style room with floral/stripped materials for accents!

9. Do you listen to music while you work? What kind?
I dont, I watch tv! I love HGTV and Reality shows.

10. Top 3 wishes:
1. To have my dream craft room
2. Financial security
3.To design

I love Renee's card style. It's as awesome as her albums. Next on today's list is the ATC showcase. I looooooove looooved all the ATCs submitted. They are so gorgeous and I'm sure you all will agree. For all of those who've participated, I will email you, your swapees. I've included myself in the swap as well. hehe. Didn't get many participants but it's probably because this is a holiday week. We will have another one again soon so if you were busy this week, you'll get another chance.

ATC Swap winner is Kerry Kung! Kerry, please email me the stamp set of your choice!

And behold the beautiful ATCs!

By Elena Joldersma.

By Enjoli Bennett.

By Jami Bova.

By Jessica Diedrich.

By Kerry Kung.

By Maureen Wong

I think these ATCs are so great!!! I will be randomly assigning the swap partners. Excitedness! Have a sweet and safe weekend everyone!

Today's question: What is the last movie you watched?

Let's see here.... what did I watch the other night? Oh yea, Rain Man with Tom Cruise. I think it was one of his earlier films.


Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Renee - your work is beautiful, I love your vintage style!!

The ATCs are fabulous!! What a fun challenge that was!!

Last movie...I honestly don't remember. I'm sure it was an old one on tv.
hugs, Jami

Kerry said...

*I'm jumping up & down, and doing the happy dance!* I'm so excited, I never won anything before, hehe. I'm so excited... All of the ATCs are super cute! Thanks for a great challenge!

Last movie? Get Smart.
~still doing the happy dance~

Elena said...

Very happy for Rachel! Thank you for sharing this wonderful news with us Marie! So glad that mama and baby are doing all right!
Renee - your work is gorgeous! Love your vintage style!
Anya's ATC are awesome! This challenge turned out pretty good! And congratulations to Kerry!!!

Vicky said...

Well done my friend Renee, so good to see your work here!!
big hugs,

Kris said...

I just wanted to say to my cousin Renee' how proud I am of her! Now everyone knows what I have always known, how super talented she is! Your stuff is OUTSTANDING!

your cuz,

Novell said...

Love the ATCs! I did watch a movie last night on HBO but can't remember for the life of me what it was or who was in it, LOL. The last movie I actually WENT to was the new James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace