Friday, November 21, 2008

Guest - Lori Tecler

Today, give a big welcome to Lori Tecler who is our Guest Designer. Lori emailed me a long long time ago when I started with just 3 stamps about guest designing and so I'm very happy to have her on today. Just check out these beautiful cards!

Lori Tecler

1. How long have you been stamping?
I've been stamping for about 5 years. My best friend got me hooked and here I am today.

2. What's your tool of choice?
That's a hard one! Right now it would be between my Copic markers and my Scor-Pal. I find myself reaching for them both all the time.

3. If you had a stamp line, what would you call it?
Probably Cosmo Stamps after Cosmo the crazy dog. He's my neurotic 12 1/2 year old German shepherd/golden retriever fur baby who still looks and acts like a puppy.

4. What's your favorite Pink Poison stamp set?
Lucky Bunnies. For as long as I can remember, I've always had a "thing" for rabbits. When I was growing up, everyone else collected stuffed teddy bears while I collected plush bunnies. I still have some of my collection today.

5. If you were a color, what would you be? Why?
Blue. It's my favorite color, kind of soothing and earthy.

6. Descibe your crafting area.
Crowded and messy! My craft stuff shares space with the things (mostly books) I accumulated during my years as a kindergarten teacher, so there's a lot of things and not nearly enough space to hold them all. I work on my old kitchen table with ink pads and Copic markers in storage units on top of the table and papers in hanging file holders underneath the table.

7. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

I wish chickens could talk so they could give us humans the answer to this mystery!

8. Do you listen to music while you stamp?
No music, mostly the TV so I can catch up on the General Hospital episodes I miss while I'm at work during the day.

9. 3 wishes:

1) Health and happiness for my family and friends
2) Enough money to live comfortably (and buy an unlimited supply of stamping stuff!)
3) More time to stamp!

I adore that blue card! Its so fresh and icy! Here are a few cards today for your viewing pleasure! The first two cards are by Ana. Yayyy for Anya! The nurse reminds me of an army nurse.

The next 3 are by our Cheryl! All are from the Vintage Birds set. Fancy fancy!

Thanks for stopping by today my friends!!! Also I have received many many responses regarding Anya Fan Club so it is very pleasing to me. Lol. So I apologize if I haven't responded to everyone yet. I have taken down names for those who would like to be VP and will decide after I finish setting the basis of the club. Ciao for today!

Also yes I'm anxious to get the 'Twilish' characters made but to much dismay they will probably not be in time for Xmas. But I am hoping to make it up to you with a very nice set.

Today's question is: What's your favorite paper company?

I have a lot of Stampin' Up paper but sometimes it just doesn't do it for me. I just recently purchased a stack of October Afternoon and My Mind's Eye. Vedy nice stuff.

Woohoo! I'm using a signature today. lol.



Basement Stamper said...

Yeah Lori!!! So happy to read more about you on here and see some more awesome Pink Poison creations. Love them!!!!

Sandra MacLean said...

Love your style Lori! It's simple, yet so beautifully put together! And Ana's cards a fabo too!

I can't just pick one favorite paper company - I just can't! I love Basic Grey, My Mind's Eye, SEI and Scenic Route the most.

Lindy Stamper said...

I don't have a particular favorite company, I go for whatever looks good...

Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

Lori's card are great and so creative. I love what you guys are doing.

As for my all time favorite paper it has to be Basic Grey. One of my others is Crate Paper.

Elena said...

Love your style Lori! So elegant and gorgeous! Love Ana's cards! So cute! All of the cards are fantastic!
Favorite company - Basic Grey and cosmo Cricket!
Love your signature Marie!

the whimsical butterfly said...

Cute cards, Lori! Nice to see you up on the blog!

Ana and Cheryls cards are awesome, too! Love to see everyone's awesome!

LOL TWILISH! That's fab! I can't wait for those and Wonderland woooo hoooo!!! Cute siggy, btw :)

Now Paper is a toughy. Basic Grey I'd say overall, but right now, my favorite paper is the new Laundry Line from My Mind's eye. I am making my Christmas cards with it and I can't get enough of it!!!

Heidi said...

Oh favorite paper- well I love Basic Grey I think right now, they have some awesome holiday papers.

thanks for sharing about Lori!

Dawn Nikol said...

Lovely cards!

So many paper companies!! It's hard to just pick one, but I really love Doodlebug. A lot of ladies mentioned Basic Grey, but I only like very few of their paper for some reason... /shrug. =)

Although, if I'm in my LSS, I just grab what I love and go!

Maureen said...

Another great guest spot - love all those cards!

Also love the word "Twilish"!

I love so many different companies' papers right now, but I seem to use my DCWV stacks a LOT! And Basic Grey is also a big fave of mine (although it's funny because I really hated BG when they first came out!).

Dawn said...

These cardsa re just lovely!!!I do love SU cardstock... but I am all over the place with patterned paper! I guess whatever catches my eye that day!

Carolina said...

Yeay Lori - congrats on being guest designer! Great projects from all the ladies!

Favorite paper company: Hard one, but really depends on my mood. I love Making Memories since they seem to keep up with trends, Basic Grey, SEI, DCWV stacks never disappoint!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

So many marvelous cards!!! Nice to meet you Lori - your craft area sounds much like mine! :)

I don't know that I have a favorite paper company - there are so many great ones out there now - I usually choose by colors/patterns.
hugs, Jami

Kerry said...

Super cute cards, love them! =D
I don't have a particular paper company either, as long as they are pretty, fit the project, and good quality.