Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today is FYI Day because I have a little handful of news to share.

Store Update: I'm suppose to be recieving my pre-orders and out of stock items by next week. I hope this is true.

LOL! I enjoyed yesterday's comments. Ok so I'll probably make the 'Twilight-inspired' stamps. BUT.... I'm not going to do single stamps... I'm going to work them into something else that I've been planning on for a while. I did consider doing a pre-order on them but maybe it is too soon to be doing pre-orders since I'm still waiting for the Ians. Also I think I have enough sets to keep my DT busy all the way through the holidays and I don't want to burn them out. hehe. So I'll think on how to work this out... we'll see. I think you will like what I have plan for them.

Anya/Ian FanClub: Still in the works. I'm considering having someone be the Vice-President of this club and oversee it. Someone who loves Anya and Ian. Someone who's motivated to come up with fun projects and challenges involving Anya and Ian. Someone who is dedicated to blogging and spreading the joy of these stamps. VP will of course get all the Anya/Ian stamps for free. I will post up more details as we go along but if you are potentially interested, email me.

Upcoming Challenges/Events:
Monday Nov. 24 - ATC (Anya Trading Card Challenge - inspired by Sergei Joldersma)
Monday Dec. 1 - The 12 Days of Christmas Challenge

A couple of cards by the sweet and uber talented Ana! Ah yes.... Best Mates argh the BEST!

That's it for today friends! Have a great one! Check back tomorrow for an awesome spotlight!

Today's question is: Hot Apple Cider or Hot Chocolate?

Ahhh tricky question for me since I love both. Hmmm... at the moment I would go with Hot Apple Cider. Sweet and spicy.


Elena said...

Hello Marie! Is it a new Anya stamp! I love it!!! So adorable, beautiful!!! Marie, you are so talented! And card is awesome! Love it so much!
I am glad you liked Sergei's idea!
Ana's card are so cute! Always love how she is inspired by Pink Poison stamps!
Now to the question - I love both of them!!! But maybe apple cider more, because of my big love to apples!

rachelsigmak said...

I love the fan club Idea... I am a big fan!!!

I love Hot Chocolate!

Sandra MacLean said...

Love Anya's hat!! Hats are so chic this time of year! Exciting things coming up! The twelve day's of Christmas thing sounds fun! I'm a hot chocolate gal....apples are sweet, but chocolate is sweeter! :D

Lindy Stamper said...

I love the new Anya stamp, she's so stylish.

I love the fan club!!! Big fan here!!!

the whimsical butterfly said...

I am thinking that the little Anya w/ a hat is new?!?!? SO cute! I love the idea of a fan fun would that be?! I think a lot of us are huge fans!

Ana made some adorable cards today...can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!!!

Hmmm..that's a tough one...I'm gonna go w/ cider. it's that kind of day :)

Enjoli Bennett said...

OMG!! Cute new Anya and puppy.. Love the Fan Club idea! =) And I love hot chocolate! Yum!

Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

I really love that new Anya, she is too cute & definitely stylish. And as for the ? of the day, hot chocolate for me...I'm not much of a cider girl

Tonya said...

OMGosh....I am so excited to see what you have in store for the future with the "Twi-inspired" stuff!!!! =)))))))

Fan clubs and contests....Marie, you are just too sweet to us all!!!

I enjoy both, but love hot chocolate on a winter evening so, for today I'm leaning that way.

Dawn Nikol said...

Super cute new stamp & cards!

I guess if I could have soy milk & whipped cream for my hot chocolate, I would choose that! Otherwise, definitely apple cider!

I'll pre-order the "Twilight" set right this second! Not to mention the cutey in the hat!!! haha.

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Anya/Ian fan club??? Woo Hoo!!

I never used to like cider, but Krusteaz makes an instant powdered one now that I swear tastes like you're drinking a melted jolly rancher! YUMMY!!!

hugs, Jami

Kerry said...

My vote for Hot Chocolate! I love the new Anya, love her outfit.

Maureen said...

LOVE the new images - SO cute!! Also can't wait for the fan club and the challenges!

I have to pick hot chocolate because I've never tried hot apple cider!

Renee G said...

I would say I love hot chocolate better, but i am a instant cappicino drinker....yum yum, french vanilla!

Carolina said...

Love your card!!! If this is a new Anya, she's so on my list!!!

I'll have to go with hot apple cider since I'm allergic to chocolate...I know it sucks!

Carolina said...

BTW - love the idea of the fun club!

nancy morgan said... this an upcoming anya with her puppy? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! omg, omg, omg :) !!!