Friday, November 14, 2008

Elena Joldersma - Bronze

Happy Friday Stamper friends! I hope this has been a great week for you all! I thought we'd end a sweet week with a mini spotlight on our Bronze medalist, Elena Joldersma! Elena's cards are so cute and she has a very scrapbooky shabby-chic fairytale feel to it. Love it!

Elena Joldersma

1. Why did you decide to join the Olympics?

One of the main reasons to join the Olympics was my big love of Pink Poison stamps! I love their designs, excellent quality and it was a big opportunity for me to involve myself in something new!

2. How did you go about planning your cards?
I really didn't know how to start. Then I decide to encourage myself and use some of the papers that I bought a long time ago, but never used. That was when my light bulb turned on in my head and I decided to make sets of cards. First, I colored an image (good practice for me), then I decided what papers will go and how I will put everything together. Sketches are great for this. I made the first card, and by knowing all sizes and what embellishments to use, I prepared everything I needed for the rest of the cards. After that the fun part goes - put all those pieces in the card! I tried to use different embellishments for cards in the same set, so it won't be so boring.

3. How long did it take you to complete your cards?
I spend 3 evenings and two nights in my craft room. Of course I tried to do something during the day but I had some house work. Nights were the most productive for me.

4. Any tips and advice for future Olympians?
Take your favorite stamp and be creative. Don't think about which place or medal you will earn, just do what you think you can do! The main thing in being part of this Olympics is having fun!

5. Most importantly, did you have fun and should there be more Olympic challenges in the future?
Of course we should have more Olympics like this. I had lots of fun! Never remembered myself being so happy! Thank you Marie for this great invention in card making world!

Look at Elf Anya and her little house! ELena created this cute little ornament.

These adorable Cup of Stuff cards were by Ana! So cute! Sooo cute!

The following cards are by Faith and her magic wand. The first one is Mermaid Anya. Love the hair color.

Elf Anya in her foresty little habitat.

Puppy! Love the coloring on this Home Sweet Home set!

What a beautiful lineup to end this week! Let's have a cheerful day and safe weekend!

Today's question is: Do you play any instruments?

Hmmm no not really. But in elementary I did play the recorder. Does that count? hahaha. Is that everyone's first instrument? I played Jingle Bells.


Jami {sgtStamper} said...

What a fabulous line-up of cards today!!! My cup-of-stuff came in the mail today...I'm so excited...I'm going to make hubby ink it up tomorrow for the challenge!!

I used to play piano as a kid, and in high school I played drums - mostly jazz and rock. I still have to tap my toes and fingers when I hear any music. Once a drummer, always a drummer.
hugs, Jami

Elena said...

Thank you Marie for the kind words about me!
I love Ana's and Faith's cards so much! They are so cute! Mermaid Anya is so precious!
I didn't play any instruments... But I admire people who can do it!

Sandra MacLean said...

Wonderful cards! And congratulations to Elena!!

I whistle......that's my musical instrument! LOL

the whimsical butterfly said...

Such cute Cards, Elena!! And everyone else who sent in, too! Just adorable stuff on the blog today!

I play piano, but we don't own one so I'm sure I'm more than rusty... I do have my flute at home though and tinker aroudn on that every once in a while.

Lindy Stamper said...

I used to play piano, but don't remember anything. I also used to play the guitar, also don't remember anything. So, no, I guess i don't play any instruments.

Bunny B said...

They're all so cute!!
I play the piano. But not so well :P

ribenaruby said...

Brilliant collection of cards. In my childhood years I did have music lessons in piano, guitar and the recorder. Absolutely enjoyed those times and wished I'd gone further.

Tonya said...

Wowza...some great cards today! That cup-of-stuff stamp is so precious!!

I played the clarinet in school for 6 years. Was in honor band for 3...I had a blast! Don't ask me to play anything now though. I don't think I could even play hot cross buns. LOL!!

Dawn Nikol said...

Fantastic cards! Love that mermaid!

I taught myself how to play the keyboard when I was younger, but wanted to play the drums in the school band... the band director wouldn't allow girls to play them, so I never got to move forward with it.

BTW, I have all of my Pink Poison stamps on my craft table for my husband to choose from... this should be interesting!! =)

Renee G said...

I played the piano and trumpet in school. But nothing busy being a mom, wife and crafter!

Anonymous said...

fabulous samples of cards from yur DT all beautiful.