Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bustling Wednesday

Ahhhh! I feel like I came back from vaca and I am now stuck in a whirlwind of work and projects. Lol. I have to make it a semi-quick one today. I did finish uploading the cards from the Olympics so you can see what our amazing contestants did. So feel free to browse here:

Nancy sent me a card yesterday featuring our busy little Elf Anya. I would like to remind everyone that Elf Anya is a limited Edition and I will not be producing anymore after she is sold out. So if you don't have her yet, hippity hop to it.

And here are a couple of teasers from the Olympics Gallery. Go there to see more!

This one is by Elena Joldersma. They are cute little round Lucky Bunnies cards that fit into that little matching case! I almost died from its cuteness!

This adorable card is by Maureen Wong. It totally reminds me of an elementary composition book. OMG... a challenge idea just hit me! We are soooo going to do a Composition book challenge. Ok ok ok I gotta put that on my list. Heads up everyone!

This darling little Teacher Anya is by Pattykins. Loving the DP!

Rachel really put the glitter on Angel Anya's dress here! She's so sparkly!!!

Sue Downey made this cute Home Sweet Home card for her friend who is in the hospital. Sue is also babysitting her friend's dogs so this doggie cards came in handy!

Jennifer made a series of these Mermaid Anya thank you cards. They will always come in handy!

Sandra made this Rockstar Anya card which I LOVE LOVE LOVE the layout! Party like a Rockstar, the story of my life. LOL. Ok not really but this card is rockin' it!

Hmmm this entry was a little longer than I expected. haha. Oh one more announcement before I go, PRE-ORDERS! This Friday only! Be there or be sad! Up for pre-ordering will be all the Ians and including the Dec. Releases! Exciting? Yes you bet!

Today's question is: On a scale of 1-10, how organized are you?

I think I am an 8. I'm not gonna freak out if my scissors are in the wrong spot although I am always looking for my scissors. Lol. I always wanted to be super neat like Martha Stewart but let's face it, that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.


Jami {sgtStamper} said...

These are all fantastic. I love seeing all the ways Anya is colored with different hair and clothes. I'm putting the Friday pre-order on my calendar and syncing it with my iTouch so I don't miss it!! that too organized?
hugs, Jami

Elena said...

All of the cards are so cute! Anya is our Star!
I think I am on a scale 7-8! I think it is not bad!
I tried to poen the Olympics gallery but it didn't work...

rachelsigmak said...

Oh I bet I am a 9-10, depending on who you ask, and which room of my house you are in! I have real problems! The clothes in my closet are arranged my color... etc. It's kind of nuts.

Bunny B said...

I would say I'm a 7 :P

Lindy Stamper said...

Great cards everyone!!! How awesome is that?!

I'm saying that I'm about a 5 in terms of being organized. I can organize for other people but not myself... so my work desk and craft desk is like a tornador torn thru, but I know where things are...

Ashley said...

Cute cards!

On a scale of 1-10, I think I'm a negative 10. :)

Dawn Nikol said...

Great cards! Can't wait for the pre-order!! They're my fav!

I'm pretty sure I'm a 9-10... I'm slightly OCD when it comes to my stuff. Everything has a place and I hate it when people move things... and then don't put them back. Hello!?

the whimsical butterfly said...

What a cute bunch of cards today!! I LOVE that "composition" anya card!!! Rockstar anya is amazing, too...i agree-great layout!!

I think I'm about a 9 when it comes to cardmaking/DT stuff, an 8 with my kids schools stuff, but about a 4 with housekeeping LOL!

Sandra MacLean said...

Wow those gallery cards are fabulous! Holy cow you all did an amazing job! I think I'm a 8 at being organised - I need things to be in their place, but if it's organised chaos, then that's ok too! LOL

the whimsical butterfly said...

I can't see the Olympics gallerY? Just wanted to give you a heads up :) Thanks for the medal...i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Becky Sorensen said...

Great cards - I so love Elf Anya and Rock Star Anya!! I am about a 3 on the organization thing!!! Half my stuff is in my craft room, but lately I bring it out and work at the kitchen table-hey what is that thing for anyway!!! lol

Basement Stamper said...

Wow, all the cards are fantabulous today!!! (and every day)

I think I'm pretty organized but I do procrastinate some times.