Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anya FanClub? and some Sweet Cards

How is everyone today? Swell I hope. Thank you for all you wonderful suggestions from yesterday. You know, to tell you the truth I never really thought Anya was gonna hit it big. LOL. But I am very glad she did. Jami, it was funny that you mentioned the paperdoll idea because that was my original idea for Anya. But it didn't really work out that way because I wanted to change her hair all the time and I could only fit so much onto my 4"x6" slab... etc. But that's always in the back of my mind. Maybe I'll do a special edition of that and try it out. *scribbles it down on list* Oh what was I talking about... oh yea, Anya. It appears that Anya has a growing fan base and so an idea popped into my head that maybe there should be an Anya FanClub where the members get like a special edition Anya stamp or something. This was something that just popped into my head ten minutes ago. haha. I thought that would be fun. Not sure how to start or how it will work but I think that would be kinda cool right? What do you think?

Anyhoos, onto the cards! The first card is by the all talented Cheryl. A Christmas Tree Box card!!! Is this flippin' amazing or what?! It's incredible! Look at the bows! I dub Cheryl the Bow Queen. She used the Wishing Tree set for this gorgeous sample!

Next is also the Wishing Tree set, this time by Jenn! My favorite thing about this? She used diamond glaze on the ornaments!!! It really popped up the design! Man these ladies are creative!

This adorable Best Mates card was sent in by Vicky. I love how she used the star stamp in the background! I'm so glad that she enjoys this set.

This Mermaid Anya was sent in by Diane Darlington. I've always liked that last name. hehe. The texture and layering on this is so pretty. I'm not sure how she did it but it works perfectly!

These Fancy Fleurs cards are beautiful aren't they? It's by brilliant Ana of course. Paper, ribbon, coloring, perfect. Just perfect.

Have a great day everyone. Come back tomorrow when we do a mini-interview with our Silver medalist, Jessica Diedrich.

Today's question is: What music do you listen to?

Lately I've been listening to much Christian Rock. My fav bands at the moment: Leeland, Relient K, and Lincoln Brewster.


Bunny B said...

How can Anya not be a hit when she's just super adorable?! :))

I like mainstream pop. Mostly whatever's on the radio :)

Elena said...

Very beautiful cards!!!
Anya's fan club? Sounds so good!
I think my favorite is romantic kind of music.

paulssandy said...

Count me in for the fan club! I am placing my first order today and will be collecting all of them. She is simply the cutest! Well....after Stewie that is ;o)

As far a music goes, I have been listening to the Celtic Women, CD's from the individuals of the Celtic Women group and Celtic Thunder alot.

mudmaven said...

I'm becoming an Anya fan looking at all the wonderful cards she stars on. Might just have to indulge soon. A fan club would be a great incentive! I am a Pandora person and I set up a Josh Groban station and I find myself listening to that so often. The related choices that Pandora picks are always just perfect - Celine, Enya - cool stuff. ~chris

ribenaruby said...

Love all these cards! The tree creation is super. My kind of music are the slow sentimental ones.

rachelsigmak said...

I am Anya's #1 fan!!! HEhehehe. I am so in For an Anya fan club!

Lindy Stamper said...

I'm totally for the Anya Fan Club. I swear, she inspire me to stamp more. Srly!

As far as a doll w/ change of clothes and stuff, didn't I see your Olivia Project were you did an online version of that? I'd love it if that can happen for Anya.

Pink Cat Studio did it for their Lilly & Billy, so it's definitely do-able.

What type of music, I'm actually a Swing DJ on the side, so mostly Jazz from 30s/40s Big Band, to 50s Rock n' Rolll, to 60s swinging jazz, and 70s Blues. I do also listen to mainstream radio, what brought my DH and I together was that we both listen to Jazz, and Sirens type like Sarah McLachlan, to Heavy Metal like Metillica. For a while I did Heavy Punk Christian Rock, sounds like an oxymoron, but they have bands that are very strong in energy and sound. =)

Dawn said...

I am like sybil when it comes to my music... but I know it when i like it... depends on my mood i guess...

oh and yes yes YES ... and Anya fan club... dibs on being the first fan!!!Love her and tonight I get to stamp more! Hooray!!!

Dawn Nikol said...

I'm down for a fan club! You could something like PTI and do a special Anya for the people who own all the Anya and Ian stamps? Or a certain # of any combination of stamp... /shrug

Right now I'm listening to Christmas music... any type of Christmas music! I've got some Trans Siberian Orchestra, Brian Setzer, New Kids on the Block (old school!), Toby Keith...

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

So many great cards - I think Cheryl needs to come decorate my REAL tree with those bows!!

An Anya fan club sounds fun!!

I listen to just about everything - I like more upbeat music, something I can tap my toes to. The words have to speak to me too...if the words are lame, I lose interest.
hugs, Jami

Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

I like the idea of an Anya fan club mainly b/c I'm already a fan