Friday, October 24, 2008

Vacation & Pink Poison Olympics

Yayyy it's Friday my friends! That means my vaca starts tomorrow. If you haven't been to the shop lately I put this bright sign up to let my dear customers know that I will resume shipping immediately once I get back.

I'm going to try my best to check in on the blog. I don't want anyone to think I've abandoned it. hahaha. So even if it's just the daily question, it's something right? So just between us, let's have a little game while I'm gone. That'd keep things interesting and fun. It's going to be a little toughie, survival of the fittest, hardcore stamping! Here are the details:


The Game: A Pink Poison Splendid Stamp-a-Thon!

The Rules: Simple. Make as many Pink Poison cards as you can! Only use Pink Poison Stamps. It doesn't matter if you make 20 cards with the same stamp, as long as it is a Pink Poison stamp. (Also there has to be some sort of a layout to it, you can't just slap a stamp on 50 blank cards, LOL!!!!)

THE PRIZE: Like the Olympics, there will be three placings. GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE.
  • GOLD: Your choice of 5 stamp sets (choices will include future Dec. releases) AND all four Ians (total value $103)! Also a blog spotlight interview showcasing your cards.
  • SILVER: Your choice of 4 stamp sets and a blog spotlight interview showcasing your cards.
  • BRONZE: Your choice of 3 stamp sets and a blog spotlight interview showcasing your cards.
Deadline: Saturday Nov. 1st. You have two options as how to send in your submits. Option 2 might be easier but whatever is most convenient to you. I get back in town, Nov. 2nd so I will be able to review entries. Winners will be announced Monday, Nov. 3rd. I will also set up a gallery for this contest so you can see all the entries.
  1. Send me an email, put Pink Poison Olympics in the subject heading. Tell me how many cards you've made and send the card photos as an attachment.
  2. Send me an email, put Pink Poison Olympics in the subject heading. Tell me how many cards you've made and send a link to where your cards are uploaded whether its on your blog or flickr or etc.
I really have no idea as to how many contenders there will be. I guess we will find out. You'll never know. haha. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. So I hope this will keep it a bit fun while I am away. Let the games begin!


Let's close off today with some super splendid cards!!! This first one is from Kim, our talented stamper from the basement! This one is cute as three little red buttons! I love how the coloring match the DP! Yay for Best Mates!

Ok this one is you gotta check out the details! It is by the fabulously talented Elena! Look closely... the bunny is cross-stitched!!!! Is that amazing!!!! OMG!

This one is also by Elena! A little more holiday-ish with the Lucky Bunnies set! Our little show performer bunny!

Pam dazzles us again with her skills. This one is from the Best Mates set. Loves the soft pink, the ribbon, and the charm.

Lastly, another perfectly pretty card by Faith using the Fancy Fleurs set. Colors, layer, everything I love!

Ok hope you enjoy today's entry. I wish everyone a happy week and have fun!

Today's question is: What was the best advice Mom ever gave you?

My mom always told me to learn how to pick my battles. Some things are just not worth fussing over. I try to follow that advice although it is hard sometimes. LOL.


Lindy Stamper said...

Oooh Olympic... wow that'll be a challenge!

My Mom's advise that stuck out in my memory: date around before settling down. Know what's out there, and don't settle for the thing you think it's best when you have any doubts...

I'm sure she had given me alot of other good advice, but I can't think of anything right now.

Basement Stamper said...

Raining here, perfect time to stamp...just wish I had more than the one stamp set I ordered. Here's hoping that Anya's arrival is today ;-)

Have a great vacation!

I don't know that any advice my Mom gives me sticks out in my head as she's constantly giving it to me, so I would have to say all the advice is pretty good.

the whimsical butterfly said...

Oh dear...Olympics LOL!!! Crazy! Will Stewie be presiding over the award ceremony? :)

I'd have to say the best advice my Mom ever gave was that friends may come and go, but family is always going to be there for you. How right she was!

Dawn Nikol said...

My Mama told me that there will be a lot of disappointments in life, but it's up to me to determine which were important.

I received my newest Anya's in the mail yesterday, thank you!!! Hoping that I'll be able to compete with all the Halloween things I'm having to bake for... haha.

Elena said...

Thank you for posting at your blog! It is a big honor for me!
Olympic! What a great idea!
My Mom's best advice is Listen to your Heart! That is what I am trying to do!
Have a nice vacation!

ribenaruby said...

As well as the sensible and important things all the wonderful ladies have listed, my mum always said learn how to sew a button on correctly, Creativity runs through generations and it is true!

rachelsigmak said...

Yay! My Pre-order Anya's arrived today!!! Olympics! Oh my!

My Mom's advice to me was to Marry the nerd, not the Quarterback! Hahha. I compromised ... I married the athletic Valedictorian!

Sandra MacLean said...

My Anya's arrived last night!! I was so excited and thrilled at the quality of them!! They stamp beautifully! An Olympics!? Wow! Next week is going to be one busy week!
My mum's best advice was that credit cards are bad! LOL Yes they are mum, but they sure come in handy sometimes! ;)

Doris said...

best advice from myu Mom "always be yourself"

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Oh, sounds like fun. As soon as Anya arrives I can play!!

Best advice? "This too shall pass"

hugs, Jami

gojenlaw said...

sounds like fun.

THe advice my mother gave me that sticks out in my mind is to always change your underwear because you never know when you will end up in the ER.

Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

I'm telling you one day, yes one day soon, I'll have money and I will buy some of your adorable stamps so I can make some of these great cards...{drool}