Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sketchy Thursday

Happy Thurday! I saw a brief glimpse of snow last night. Most of our trees are naked now so I know Jack Frost is well on his way. I haven't done a sketch for awhile so I thought I'd do one today to add to our little sketch library. I lost count of what number this is so I hope it doesn't matter. hehee.

I haven't used the Cupcakes set for awhile so I brushed off the dust and used it for the sketch!

Today I wished for juicy apples on the Wishing Tree and bright red ones it gave to me!

Teacher Anya in all of her golden glory. She's a good apple.

Jessica declares her love for this set with this adorable Best Mates card. The fuzzy little pumpkins are tooo cute!

This GORGEOUS card was made by our Pam! Beautiful! So Christmas-y!!!! A reminder why I love the Xmas Birds set so much!

Another Pam card, this time using the nicey micey Cup of Stuff set! Seriously I cannot stop smiling whenever I see this stamp.

Brrrr it's getting cold!!!! Keep warm today everyone with hot drinks and baked goods. Oooh I'm going to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch for a nice salad!

Today's question is: What is your favorite salad or salad dressing?

Any salad is good but I've been making spicy chicken caesar salad lately for dinner. Unless it's a caesar salad, I usually make my own dressing with a little olive oil, vinegar, black pepper, and a touch of soysauce. Mmmmmm!


Lindy Stamper said...

I love sketches! I must try it tonight.

My favorite dressing has always been honey mustard, but lately seems to be raspberry vinegarette.

the whimsical butterfly said...

Oooh! Ok, yum. My fave salad ever is actually from Macaroni Grill...called Insalata Bleu. It's lettuce, walnuts, and shaved bleu cheese w/ a yummy balsalmic dressing. Sometimes I make it at home and add apples. YUM! Cute cards everyone...I cannot WAIT to own that tree!!!!

ribenaruby said...

Brilliant sketch and I absolutely love the tree with bright red apples. Not much for dressings but I do love crispy iceberg lettuce.

Dawn Nikol said...

Looks like I may have to try out a sketch today!

I hate salad... really. My grandpa used to have a saying whenever my grandma tried to get him to eat vegetables "I'm not a rabbit".

So, being that I am not a rabbit, I'm not a big fan of a lot of vegetables. So, my favorite salad is a fruit salad!! =)

Elena said...

Thank you for your sketch! So beautiful! Your cards are so pretty! Love your stamps!
My favorite dressing is rasberry vinegarette!

Gail S. said...

I love blue cheese dressing but my grandma made a dressing that was awesome! It is similar to french dressing - It calls for oil, sugar, ketcup, vinegar and a dash of salt. Believe is yummy!! I

Bunny B said...

Oooo... great cards!! I love a yummy vinaigrette :)

Renee G said...

I have been on a no glutten/dairy diet...and so its hard to find a dressing that fits those...but I like paul Newmans balsalmic vinegrette....tasty! Im so sad, it snowed last night and its freezing again my mater plants are done for, for the year....and they had a ton of green tomatoes on them still!
Love the cars to cute! Got my stamps in the mail today and I got right on with messing around with them! whoo hoo!

Doris said...

cesar salad:)