Monday, October 6, 2008

Say Hello to Ian

Ack, I've been kinda having insomnia the past few nights. So here I am, with a bowl of celery with dressing and walking around. I thought, hey might as well start blogging. Lol.

OK! So I want to introduce a new stamp! A new boy just moved into the neighborhood and next door to Anya. His name is Ian and his family just arrived from Scotland. He has a little crush on Anya and hopes that one day Anya will realize that too.

You will be seeing more of Ian in the near future. For today, let's check out some fabulous cards by my all so ever talented team of uber awesome-ness.

Faith sent me this gorgeous card yesterday and thought I'd share!

Nancy proves that copic-less cards can be just as splendid!

Ana whips out holiday worthy cards with the Hope Love Faith set. This set is actually going to be discontinued because I've decided to go all red rubber for my stamps. It is my only clear stamp set. It is currently in the Clearance section for $6.00.

It appears I've taken on too many projects at one time so I have to start making a list. It keeps my wandering mind in check. Lol. Maybe that's why I can't sleep at night, too many things going on in the brain.

Today's question is: Do you have a favorite boy name and girl name?

I've always liked the name Peyton for a boy and Olivia for a girl. Or Grace. I like the name Grace too.


Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Ooohhh, Ian is super!!! A perfect companion for Anya!!

Fabulous cards ladies!

Favorite names? I love my boys names - Houston and Hunter. And I've always loved my name - Jami. I know that sounds a little vain. Growing up all the girls I knew hated their names, but I always loved mine. My mom wanted it to be J'aime (as a spin on French "I Love You" or something) but was afraid the apostrophe would cause too many misspellings and mispronunciations.

Hugs, Jami

ribenaruby said...

Such a cute name Ian! A little friend for Anya. I like Abbi and Shane. Have a wonderful day.

Bunny B said...

Great cards! Ian's so cute!!

>> Jami: What a cool story about your name! J'aime does sound lovely! :)

I don't have a fave boy name, but I love Alyssa for a girl :)

Elena said...

O,wow!I think Anya would love to have this boy near her! My favourite boy's name is Sergei. i is a very common name in Russia! My favorite gir's name is Aleksandra.
The cards that you posted are very, very beautiful!

Lindy Stamper said...

OMG, Ian is just adorable!!!!!

Favorite boy name has got to be Michael or Micah. Girls name, probably Natalie or Gabby

the whimsical butterfly said...

Ian is TOO cute!!!

I hear you on the insomnia and yes, it's probably b/c you're doing too much! I get the same thing. My friend told me to make the list and keep it next to my bed. Not RIGHT next to it-too tempting to stare at it-but maybe on top of a dresser or something. Then, once you're sure you've written everything out, you can fall asleep easier. Should you happen to bolt out of bed in the middle of the night w/ an idea, you can grab it, jot it, but then go right back to bed. It worked for me...hope I can pass on the same luck to you, my friend!

hmmm...names... Madelynn, Ava, Jack and Nikolas... they are all taken by my four LOL..if I were to have more (and i'm NOT!), I like Olivia, too...and Estella.

rachelsigmak said...

Oh my! Ian is adorable!

Basement Stamper said...

Love Ian!!! He's adorable. I just got my new stamps this weekend and can't wait to use them.

Well, my favorite names of course are my kids Tristan, Sydney and Finley. I also love my girlfriends name is Cherlyn which I always thought was cool

Dawn said...

OMG!! Ian is adorable!! SOOO stinkin' cute! I can't wait to pair him up with my Anyas!!

My favorite girl name is Savannah. As soon as I have a daughter of my own, that will be her name. If I have two girls, the next would be Isabella (Any Twilight fans understand!).

Boy names are a little harder, but I've always loved: Alexander, Austin, Lucas, and Xander. I just shy away from names that people will shorten, like Lucas to Luke... it makes me cringe. =)

Ashley said...

Oh, Ian is so cute! What a doll!

I like Brady (obviously) for a boy and Mackenzie for a girl.

Heidi said...

Oh I love Ian, he will look so cute in a sports outfit too!

Well my fav name for a boy is Hunter (my oldest) and Colton (my youngest's middle name)

Girls names: I always wanted to be Candy as a child (when we played school) but I would have to say Taylor or Brooke (but I do not have girls)


Rachel Hope said...

OOOOOH, He is so so cute!!!!

My Favorite Boy name is Connor (My son's name...although he was Almost Ian!!!! :D) and Rhiannon for a girl

Lisa and Penny said...

I love boys names for girls. My daughter is Logan and I really love Dylan for a girl too! Boys are harder for me. I also really like the name Rowan for a girl. Love love love Ian! ;) lisa k in tx

Marcia said...

I am in love with this new little guy Ian already! I can't wait to get my hands on him! I think he would look great in a little tux too...Princess Anya and Ian could go to the prom together or even get married!

I like the name "Marissa" or "Megan" for girls and "Brady" for boys.

Erika M. said...

Ian is so cute! The cards are quite inspiring. Favorite names: Elizabeth for a girl (name is classy and powerful because it reminds me of Queen Elizabeth) and Ethan for a boy.

Charlene H. said...

Your questions always get me remembering. When I was pregnant with my second child, I was 100% POSITIVE IT WAS A GIRL! Both my brothers had a boy first and a girl second so naturally I was going to be the same way. Her name was going to be Brianna Lynn. I had to have a planned C-section so we picked the day and went in. They took they baby out and said "It's a boy" and I started bawling right there in the operating room. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. How could God possibly give me another boy when I so desperately wanted a girl. And he gave me a funny scrunched up looking boy, at that. After I calmed down and they brought him back to me (and his face was less squashed from being inside me for 9 months) he was actually pretty cute. I decided God gave me another boy because if I had a girl I would have to spend WAY TO MUCH MONEY. Having a second boy, I could continue to stay at home because we wouldn't need all new toys and clothes so actually God was right in the choice he made for me. Problem was - we didn't have a boy name picked out at all! They actually let us leave the hospital without naming him as long as we let them know by the end of the weekend what his name was so they could complete the paperwork. We chose Austin and he is one splendid little boy.

nancy morgan said...

Ian is the perfect guy for Anya! My Copics are practically jumping out of their box in excitement for his arrivel :) !!!

Maureen said...

Ian is just adorable - LOVE him and can't wait to see the stamps!

Love all the cards - the DT is doing an incredible job!!

Fave names - I always liked the name Westley from Princess Bride, but we chose not to use it for our 2 adopted boys (we went with Miller and Griffin instead). But I've liked the name Shayla for a girl ever since I heard in on Sex and the City.

For Jami - I had a friend in law school who shortened her name from Josephine to J'mi. People always pronounced it weird when they saw it so your spelling is probably better!

Doris said...

boy- Peter
girl- Kate

Annelies said...

Victor for a boy, and Anna for a girl.