Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random Wednesday

Good day everyone! The store is stocked again so if there was something that you wanted but was sold out, it is officially back in. Yesterday was a busy day as usual but a different busy. I'm working on a project with Girl Scouts back in Long Beach, California and I have to do 60 scrapbook pages for a farewell album. So I was just cutting away and gluing all day! The place is a major mess now. Haha. But I had to take a photo of my apartment to show my mom that I can keep my place clean. hahahaha so here's two 'before' photos that I thought I'd share with you too. My work area is in the back there with the laptop. I cleaned it really nice for this photo. Mom will never know.

Onto some good stuff now. I snatched this from Caroline from the Friends Forever set! I love that green colour.

Clare made this beautiful pizza box inspired piece. I think it was for a challenge. She used the flowers from the Fancy Fleurs set.

Cheryl made this cutie pie from the popular Cup of Stuff set. I love the color and all the dressing she put on it.

It is starting to get cold now. I took Stewie out and the little thing was just shivering. Lol. Maybe I'll get him a jacket.

Lol. Since yesterday's question dealt with Disney Princesses...
Today's question is: Who's your favorite Disney Prince?

This is pretty hard for me to choose. I originally liked Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty (which is re-released now so I have to go get it since it is my fave animation). I have to admit, when I was little I had a big crush on Prince Eric. It was the dark hair and blue eyes. But then when the Beast turned into a Prince, he was so handsome too. But I guess I'll choose Eric because he loves his dog. hee hee.


the whimsical butterfly said...

Hmmm...that is a tough one! I think that I'd have to go w/ Prince Phillip from SB, myself. For some reason he stands out from the roles that the other princes had in the movies...and seemed the most courageous to me, I think.

Beautiful Creations, Ladies!!!

Heidi said...

Okay, now you got me. My kids are older so my memory doesn't help me out with these.
Oh- we gotta get you some photos on your walls girlfriend!

Rachel Hope said...

Great samples! I lovelove love that box!

Nice couch too! Love the pillow colors

Hmmmm, probably Aladdin :0

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Gorgeous creations!! I love those flowers on the pizza box!!! I love your apartment - especially the guitar in the niche over your totally cool!!!

Prince? My dh is my prince in shining armor!! Always will be!

hugs, Jami

Bunny B said...

I'd choose Prince Philip frpm Sleeping Beauty too! :) He had to fight Maleficent when she was a fire-breathing dragon!

Patrick Dempsey in Enchanted was cute too :P

Erika M. said...

I think my favorite is the prince from the little mermaid just because he was so cute and kind to Ariel

Annelies said...

I admit I don't know much about Disney princes but I did this test on facebook and found out Cinderella's prince suits me the best! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Doris said...

Lion King:) Prince was called Simba:)

Carolina said...

thanks for highlighting my card - so sweet of you! The other creations are adorable, great to see your stamps used this way.

Onto your question, prince? Well, I honestly don't know...I would have to go with Prince Phillip since we've been watching that movie a lot lately...but changes all the time - LOL!