Thursday, October 2, 2008

Guest - Jenny Erichsen

Good day to all in Stamping Land! Yesterday was a little crazy but it was a good crazy. There was a good handful of pre-orders and I've already put the orders in so I should be getting it in 2-3 weeks. I will notify those of you who pre-ordered of their arrival and then send them out to you asap! I'm very excited about these Anyas! And omgoodness the Cup of Stuff sold out before lunchtime! The Best Mates sold out by late evening. It was really crazy! LOL. Luckily the next shipment comes in next week. Phew! Ok onto today's special guest!

Today I introduce to you Jenny Erichson! Amazingly Jenny lives right here in Colorado! How awesome is that?! Very awesome indeed! Prior to this, Jenny has inquired about DT and guest designing and I had said that I was booked at the time and I would let her know once a slot opens up. Then TA-DA! Open guest slot! Lol. I really love the layout and simplicity of her designs. It has a sunny delightfulness to them! It really made me smile!

Jenny Erichsen

How long have you been scrapbooking/stamping?
I have been a serious stamper for 5 years. Before that I just played around with stamps not really creating anything special. It’s so much more fun creating special things I can give to my friends and family now!!

What is your favorite technique?
I really like using my Prisma’s, baby oil, and blending stump. Not really sure if that has a technique name.

What is your tool of choice?
I would have to say my Nestabilities Dye Cuts. How can a girl live without them.

$1000 and 30min to spend it? Where do you go?
That is loaded question for a girl who likes to shop! After sitting here for like 10 mintues trying to answer this question…has anyone ever heard of a place called Sprinkles?? It a cupcake store I went to in L.A. a couple months ago. I would buy cupcakes for everyone!

Describe your creative style?
One word I always hear about my cards…. Cute!

Rubber stamps or clear?
Rubber, but the clear is growing on me.

If you were a color, what color would you be? Why?
I would have to say Pink. Makes everything a little bit brighter.

Describe your crafting area.
Organized!! I’m pretty sure I have OCD! :) I have days where I just sit in my stamp room and organize, reorganize, organize. I have to stop myself and remember why I went in there in the first place. To stamp! Told you I have OCD.

Do you eat while you craft? If so, what?
Usually I don’t eat while creating unless little pieces of chocolate are calling my name.

Top 3 wishes:
1-Never have to worry about how much money I’m spending on supplies. Limitless budget, wouldn’t that be nice!
2-More time to stamp
3-Never having to mass produce. Coming up with the idea and having someone else make it in mass for me.


Ahhh yes to have someone else mass produce something. That would be the life. LOL. Actually I want to imagine something in my mind and have it magically appear! But you know what I really want? I wish there was a transporter thing so we can all meet and stamp, drink lemonade and eat cupcakes together. We can do it wearing fancy dresses! LOL! I'll whip out my old prom dress. It'd be a blast! LOL.

Ah lotsa cards to show you today my friends. Here goes:

This one is by Faith using the Cup of Stuff stamp set! She has an awesome sense of color doesn't she?

This one is from Cheryl using the Best Mates stamp set. I wish I could tie bows like her!

Pam did her magic again, this time with the Fancy Fleurs set. I'm not sure if it's the lighting or what but her photos always have this vintage distressed look that I love.

Last but not least, Nancy's card featuring the Cup of Stuff stamp set. Please keep in mind that Nancy was 'lacking' mojo when she made these. LOL. Do you know how my cards are like when I lack mojo? They're blank folded cardstock.

Wow that was a long entry today wasn't it?

Today's question is: If you were a superhero, what would your powers be?

I would have the power to transport in the blink of an eye. I could travel to Greece during lunch break or Sweden for the weekend. I can also deliver your packages right to you after you order it. Who needs the post office?! That would be my powers. Lol.


Ousizch said...

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Hope u have a great day!

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Bunny B said...

I love all the cards! They're so adorable!

My fave super power would be to read people's minds whenever I want to! :)

Lindy Stamper said...

Great cards!!!

Superpower... letsee... I think the power to fly to places. I swear the time I sit in traffic I could be crafting! :)

Rachel Hope said...

Gorgeous cards...all of them are wonderful...can't wait for Cup of Stuff to be available!

Hmmm, Superpower...well, since I am currently watching S2 of Heroes on my Netflix I would say I want to be like Peter Petrelli and be able to use all the powers I come in contact with! :)

the whimsical butterfly said...

How cute was today's post???!!! Jenny your cards are adorable and i LOVE LOVE LOVE that set!

Hmmm..gotta be scary w/ those superpowers...I'd have to say a magic housekeeper laundry/cooking power where i just SNAP my fingers like Mary Poppins and it's all done. MORE TIME 2 STAMP that way!!!

Jenny said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful experience!

Heidi said...

That was an awesome post for the day, wonderful guest, beautiful cards and then a fun question. I love coming for the question- is that crazy or what!
But alas, I have the same powers that you have- my first thought was to be whereever/whenever I want and look like Wonder Woman doing it! LOL! Heidi

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Fabulous cards by all!!! The new stamps are awesome - no wonder they sold out so fast! Bummed I missed the cup of stuff, but glad I got to take advantage of the pre-order Anyas!!

Super power? I would fly. I fly in my dreams all the time and it is the most amazing feeling!! Sometimes it feels so real that when I wake up I actually think I am capable of flying. Then reality hits me. A girl can dream...
hugs, Jami

Gail S. said...

Wow! If I could have super powers! I would like speed so I can clean house super fast or if I am running late I can speed to where I need to go or I could speed out to California and visit relatives oh the fun I would have!! I love your daily questions, sometimes it really gets you thinking!

Erika M. said...

I want your super power - I'd love to get somewhere in a blink of an eye.

Tonya said...

Fabulous cards you've show cased today. Thanks for sharing!

Superhero can only pick one? I guess the speed one is popular because I would love that too....not only to get the house cleaned quickly but also to get places quickly so that I had more time to spend with family and loved ones. =)

Ana said...

Super cute cards :)

Carolina said...

Adorable cards!

I recently found your blog and stamp line and in fact just got my orders excited to get them inked up.

I love your line of stamps and I was wondering if you were thinking of extending it to include boy images. Trust me I LOVE your girl iamges, but I have a nephew I make things all the time and I'd love to see what you would come up with for a boy...just a thought.

Thanks for making such a fun line of stamps - all my best!

Doris said...

super power? time control!