Friday, October 3, 2008

Cards Cards Cards

Salutations dear Stampers! All sold out items in the store will be restocked on Wednesday. Phew! You can't begin to imagine how chaotic my dining area is. LOL. I need to find a place where I can work out of. Unfortunately we just renewed our lease so I'm stuck at my dinky apartment for another year. But then hopefully we can find a place that at least has a den or something. I'm pretty sure that if we ever get a house the old man and me will fight for the basement. LOL.

I love all the super powers yesterday! The Peter Petrelli power was pretty awesome though. But I still like mine, it saves on Gas! hahahaha! I love having questions and answers. It gives us a little insight into others and ourselves as well.

I have lots of cards to show today. So I guess it can be a Show n Tell day. Here is my card for today. I used the Princess Anya set and the Fancy Fleurs set.

This one is by Jenn from the Lucky Bunnies stamp set. Adorable!

These cards are by Faith. She was having a field day yesterday! Lol. This one is using the Best Mates stamp set. Wow.......... elegant and serene. Took my breath away.

These are for her blog exclusives! ANYAS!!! Anya is really making a name for herself.

This one is by our reader, Maureen! She dressed Anya up as a Christmas Angel! She's so cuuute with her little outfit and glitter.

Today is a very Anya-dominated day. heehee. Today is Friday so I guess I have to do some cleaning and organizing (I guess this is where the Speed Power comes in handy) and then I have to head over to the Container Store and find some storage bins for my crafts stuff. Anyone know where I can get cheap cardboard bins?

Today's question is: What's your earliest childhood memory?

I remember falling into a pool. It was probably traumatic, maybe that's why I remember it. But isn't it suppose to be the other way around? Lol. Then I remember a big fishing net pulling me out. I was fished out of the pool. Ironically I am a Pisces so shouldn't I be able to swim? Lol.


Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Beautiful cards...I love Anya more each time I see her. I think she needs a beau. ;-)

I remember silly things like coloring on the wall behind my bedroom door (mom should've know then I was meant to be an artist!) I think I was 5 the first I was caught. I used a big black sharpie and drew all sorts of fun stuff!

hugs, Jami

ribenaruby said...

These cards are all fantastic!
Trying to make booklets to give to friends but using thick wallpaper as the main cover is my first crafting memory. Have a nice weekend!

Lindy Stamper said...

Wow, the angel turned Xmas Anya is absolutely brilliant!

My earliest childhood memory has got to be when I wake up from a nap and always call for either my mom or my dad who will usually be in the next room... So, even though I know this, I still call for them really loud.

the whimsical butterfly said...

WOW! So many pretty things to look at this fun! I think my first childhood memory is my Dad buying me a Humpty Dumpty stuffed toy when I was super little-maybe 2ish. We were at the store and I wanted it and he said "oh its' cute" and then put it down, but then the big softie picked it right back up and gave it to me ;) 32 yrs later he's still that way LOL!

Bunny B said...

Those cards are all so gorgeous!!

And your superpower is cool too! I does save on gas, and I love to travel easily too :))

As for my earliest childhood memory, I guess it'd be when I was about 3 and I remember my dad clipping my baby brother's nails in the kitchen.

Tonya said...

Love the show and tell post! Anya is making a fabulous fashion statement on all her cards!

I have tons of memories and most of them involve some type of accident. I was very accident prone...heck I still am. I was 3 and was swinging on a swing in the front yard. I leaned back and cut my head on a large rock underneath the swing. I went in the house to tell my dad (mom was at work). Blood dripping everywhere. I was totally calm. Unfortunately, my dad had a broken leg and couldn't drive me to the hospital, I was trying to keep him calm. I called my mom. She came home from work (at the hospital mind you) just to take me. It was my first set of stitches. Aw, the memories!

Elena said...

Wow! The cards are so beautiful! Love the Cristmas Angel Anya! I remember how I liked to dress up some my mom's and imagine that I am super singer!

Elaine said...

Gosh these cards are so sweet and I love the coloring that you do- enviable! ;-)
Earliest childhood memory -- would be sliding across the great big hardwood floor in my grandma's living room after we had gone to Pay N Save to get a bag full of Candy Bars. We'd sit by the big windows on the ledge and unwrap candy and eat until we were wound up like a rubber band! LOL

Doris said...

Happy World Cardmaking Day! I remeber my Grandfather giving me sweets, he died when I was 3 so it's the earliest memory I remeber

pammy jo said...

i love these Anyas :) my earliest memory is being in the car to bring my baby sister home from the hospital - my mom wasn't home for my birthday because my sister was born the day before so i think this was a little troublesome for me at the age of 3!