Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stewie Answers and lotsa cards

Yayyyy its the weekend!!! Hope everyone will have a great day today. It's starting to get cold here in Colorado already. I don't want Summer to go yet but what can you do. I've lived in California pretty much my entire life so since I've moved here in February, the weather is a little shocker. Lol.

Stewie was super excited to read your questions! He almost let go of his chew toy. Almost. hahaha.
Lindy Stamper - My favorite toy is a pink squeaky bone that I squeak all day long. It drives everyone crazy. Although I discovered that when I'm hiding, it's not such a good thing to be with. They always find me! Yes I really want Mommy to make stamps out of all my toys!

Elena - I love to travel! My favorite place is Grandma's. I drive them nuts! They have a dog name Dizzy who isn't too fond of me but I love him still! I take all his toys and hide them outside. Hmmm maybe that's why he doesn't like me?

Niki - Mommy tries to take me on walks everyday unless it's rainy. I don't like the rain very much. My favorite exercise place is a really big hill in the back of our apartments. Mommy lets me loose and I just run run run! When I see Mommy running after me, I hide in the bushes.

Moosisk - No I don't have a girlfriend yet because I'm still a baby but I do like your idea of a Stew Crew! My current fanclub consists of Mom and Dad and our friend David. I think most people think I'm too hyper. But that's because I'm happy! One time I jumped into the UPS guy's stomach and he dropped all his packages. Mommy wasn't happy.

Susanr - For some reason, Mommy doesn't trust me and puts all her stamps on a high shelf. I look at them longingly every day. I promised to be good but one day Mom and Dad found me nibbling on all her supply of erasers. I tried to hide the evidence but alas there were eraser crumbs all over my face and a trail leading to my bed.

Stampinc - The DT is great. Mommy doesn't have to do much but just send them the stamps and then they make it into beautiful creations. I, on the otherhand, try to inspire and motivate by my polite presence and subtle nods of approval and barks.

Heidi - I am 7 months old. I guess I'm still a baby but I act like a grown up, I swear. When I'm grow up I want to have a big backyard where I can be King.

Leenda - Daddy named me Stewart but everyone calls me Stewie for short. He said I look like I'm wearing a tux and so he gave me a 'Butler-ish' name. It was either Stewart or Alfred.

Erika M. - Usually Mommy waits until I'm taking a nap so she can stamp. But then I wake up and try to get involve in everything! I shift through papers, leisurely rearrange the craft supplies, and I like to take close looks at what she is doing by putting my face into her projects! Mommy appreciates my involvement so much, she usually gives me a treat so I'll stay away from her area.

Charlene.Herter - Boy do I like cats! One of our neighbors has a tabby cat and he always comes out to play with me whenever I am outside! We like to wrestle in the grass.

Sue D - Yes! After constant whimpering, Mommy has already made a Doggie set! Maybe she'll show you soon!

Julz - My favorite season is Summer! I can run outside all day long. But now that Fall and Winter is approaching, I get too cold. I only have a few outfits but I hope I get a jacket soon.

Nancy - I think Muffin is super cute! I wish she was here so we can be play mates!

You Arrrrr the Greatest
I made this card yesterday because it was rainy outside and remember when in elementary when it rained, we all stayed inside and colored. Now bear with me, my coloring technique is not up to par yet. My color pencils were like 6 years old from school days. haha. I did went ahead and order some Copics so hopefully I can have cleaner coloring to show you. I used the new Best Mates stamp set that will be available in the store Oct. 1st. The images are quite fun to color, even with my ancient color pencils! Lol. The green paper is the new SU! Kiwi Kiss. The DP is from SU! Designer Paper Series. I also used brown scraps. In retrospect, I think the white was too white. Next time I will use a more off-white or something. That white is just glowing isn't it?

I really like the new Riding Hood Red paper! In these sets, I used the Hope Love Faith clear stamp set. All paper is from SU! I'm also having fun with those nestabilities too! Lol. The background stamp from the Faith card is from the Xmas Birds set. I realized I like making square cards. I got those cute brads from Michaels on sale. Sweeet! Sales are wonderful, aren't they?

I'm going to try to make more cards after my copics come in. Gotta get it flowing. And then we can start have little sketch contests and more free giveaways. I think that would be so fun!!!! Speaking of fun look at these recent cards by Paula and Pam from the Friends Forever Stamp Set!

Today's Question is: What are you making for dinner tonight?


Dawn said...

I *adore* that pirate stamp!!! Even my husband is a fan of those girls and Anya, he's actually upset that I haven't purchased all of them yet! I told him he'd have to wait until Oct. 1. lol.

I think hubby and I will be going out to dinner tonight for our "date night". We'll probably go eat some sushi!! OOO! You could do sushi stamps next!!

Tonya said...

That pirate stamp is great!!! What fun ideas it brings!!

I am making a creamy chicken dish with herb and chive cream cheese...kind of like chicken fettuccini but without the sour cream. It is soooooo good!!

stampinc said...

The pirate stamp is just to cute and I love the font on the sentiments. I think we will be cooking a steak out on the grill tonight.

charlene.herter said...

You are sure making your blog fun. I kind of like having the daily questions to answer. Thanks for answering my question yesterday Stewie!

My boys have requested tacos for supper tonight so that's what it will be!

pammy jo said...

at best - chicken quesadillas, at worst - cereal night (but that's not so bad because my husband isn't home tonight!)

my daughter loves pirates, and simply adores yours!

Sue D said...

Saturday night is pizza night! -- sometimes homemade, sometimes delivery and sometimes frozen depending on our schedules.

Heidi said...

hm...... dinner? Am I suppose to make dinner on the weekend? We have all gotten up at different times today so no one is on the same schedule so we are all fending for ourselves. Yippy!

leenda said...

Cook on a weekend? I don't think so! We had pizza.

Bunny B said...

Super cute stamps!! :) I'm making tacos tonight! Yummy!

Erika M. said...

We had hamburger helper last night.

Lindy Stamper said...

Well, since there was a hurricane passed thru here, there's no power or water around us. We had to go to some friends for a hot meal.

Elena said...

Hello Stewie! Thank you for answering my quiestion! Like your picture in red!!!