Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mini Interview Saturday

Wow it's the weekend already! To show my appreciation for my darling DT, I thought I'd start the weekend with a little mini interveiw with one of my DT members. These ladies really make my stamps come alive in their creations and I am so thankful for their hard work and awesome visions!


Describe yourself in 5 words.
Funny, loving, giving, creative, and witty!

A wizard has his wand. What is your magic tool?

Pop Dots

Some designers have signature techniques that brand their cards. Do you have signature technique?
I think most people can look at my cards without knowing it's mine, and say "it's a Paula card" from my mix of different printed papers and the bold coloring of the images.

If you were a color, what color would you be and why?
I'd be a rich moss color green. Green always makes me think of "fresh"!

You have $1000 and 30 min. to spend it. Where do you go?
15 minutes in the shoe department and 15 minutes in the craft store!

Describe your crafting area.
I am a messy crafter and so my studio usually looks like a storm blew in! I have lots of shelves and many boxes and drawers, but mostly the things I use the most end up on the 62" table or on the floor near me.

Out of the 5 senses, which is most important to you and why?

For me the sense of touch is the most important. I love the feel of the paper and ribbons I use. I like the texture of things. I grew up sewing and I think that's where it comes from.

So last night I was shifting through my piles of new stamp design sketches and I want to make some more single stamps. Sooo........

Today's question is: What would you like a stamp of?


pammy jo said...

what a lovely interview - very interesting and entertaining! hmmmm...what image? a cross to use as a focal point would be great. thanks for asking :)

Lindy Crocheter said...

What a fun card! What I like stamp of... hmm... something crochet related, something shopping related, something dancing related, something cocktail/drinks related. But no matter what, I'm sure you'll have something awesome!

leenda said...

Scripture verses.

Maureen said...

I answered in the poll that I would love more animal stamps. Specifically really cute ones like the bunnies! Or funny little monsters like the ones on your site's home page.

Maria Matter said...

Paula was the very first blog in my Fav Blogs when I started my blog! Love her creations!
I would like to see more people stamps. I have alot of birds, blooms and flourishes. Or maybe funny characters. Thanks for asking!
Blessings, Maria

Dawn said...

I voted for animals too, like your bunnies!

Sue D said...

How about farm animals!

Janet said...

This is a hard question because I like so many images. I have to go with pammy jo and say a cross or Bible verse, but I also like cows. My grandparents had a dairy farm and spent lots of time there as a child. I just love those lovely bovines!

stampinc said...

Great interview and very intertaining. I would like a stamp of stamping items.

Linda w said...

Really cute card. I would love to see more cute animals like the bunnies.

Elaine said...

Paula, I love your style! How fun to find out more about you! :)

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

I would love to see some cute "guy" stamps... something a little witty and humorous that would be fun to give a man... I'm not sure what that would be, but now I'm thinking about it.