Friday, September 12, 2008

Ask Stewie Friday

Ahh lovely Friday! This week went by kinda fast and then kinda slow. It was weird. Lol. Btw, some of your comments yesterday had me crackin' up! I love you guys. I thought it would be fun if Stewie answered some of your questions from yesterday. Lol.

Hello everyone. I'm Stewie! Today I will be answering some questions/comments from previous comments.

Sue D - Thanks for pointing out the error. Mommy rushed to fix it. She really needs to have a co-editor. I try to help but I get too distracted by my squeaky toys.

Pammy Jo - Maybe me and Sammy are long lost twins??? Lol. Yea I don't really see other bostons with that little stripe. Most of them have that wide stripe. Sam and me are special.

Dawn - Yes yes!!! There will be a Pirate Anya! Mommy is working on the next 3 Anyas as we speak! Yayyy for Anyas! I like lamb and rice.

Heidi - I wish Mommy could have the mini-catalog professionally printed and sent out but alas it is only online for now. One day though. One day it will happen. I tried to look like a model in that picture.

Lindy Stamp - Don't worry Lindy, the animals will arrive. Because producing stamps take such a long time, Mommy usually has to plan out her designs at least a month ahead. I will make sure she makes them. I like animals... all my toys are animals.

Ok I'm off to do what I like best. Wrestling with my sheep.

Also here is a an elegant card by Ana Wohlfahrt using the Dream Quotes set.

Today's question is: Do you have a question for Stewie or Marie?
(Stewie will answer you tomorrow)


Lindy Stamper said...

Question for Stewie: what's your favorite toy and would you want your mommy make it into a stamp?

Elena said...

Hello Stewie! You are very cute!!! Can I ask you a question? Do you like to travel? And if yes, What was your favourite place to visit?
Thank you!!!

Niki said...

Hi Stewie,
Do you go for walks every day? Where is your favorite exercise place?

PS--your mom is very talented!

Moosisk said...

Hey Stewie,
Do you have a girlfriend? You are so cute. I bet you have your own fan club. You should call it "The Stew Crew" or something maybe a little better and not so corny. I was thinking on the fly. Maybe Mom should make a stamp set just for you. It would have Stewie and all his accessories like chew toys, leash, bowl, little outfits and more. Just something to think about.
My parents had a Boston Terrier when I was a baby. Her name was Tina. You would have loved her!

Linda w said...

I have no questions but Stewie you are just so cute.

SusanR said...

I'm laughing too hard to think of a question for Stewie - he's so cute! Okay, how about this - Have you ever "played" with Mommy's stamp supplies by accident? I know my Duke has gotten hold of a few things thinking they were his toys and they weren't too much fun for me to play with after he was through :( I'm sure Stewie would never make that mistake, though . . .

stampinc said...

How do you get your creative and inspiring ideas to all of the DT to do for you? You are just so talented.

Heidi said...

Stewie, when you grow up, what would you like to be (are you grown up yet?) tee hee..... You are too cute!

leenda said...

Stewie, you have such an unusual name. Who gave it to you & why?

Erika M. said...

Stewie - what do you do when Mommy stamps? Do you like to get involved in the stamping process?

charlene.herter said...

Question for Stewie: Do you like cats?

I am a cat person and was just wondering what your thoughts were about cats.

Sue D said...

Well Stewie--are you going to put in a request for a dog stamp set?

Julz said...

Hi Stewie!
How cute you are! What is your favorite season/holiday? Does your mommy has lots of clothes for you to wear?

nancy morgan said...

Stewie, you are such a smart & handsome little pup! Muffin sends doggie hugs & kisses :)

pammy jo said...

sorry i missed your big "ask Stewie Friday" - i'm glad to hear there's a doggie set in the works, though! it was so interesting reading all your answers
pj and sammy

Bunny B said...

I missed asking Stewie a question! I wonder what he likes to eat though! :)