Sunday, September 21, 2008

3rd Splendid Spree Winner


is................. stampinc!

Hoooray! Congrats my friend! Please email me with your address and also which postcard set you'd like. Thanks everyone for playing and if your name wasn't pick, don't be sad, there will be another stamp set tomorrow for our 4th and last Splendid Spree!


Today is resting day! So I'll keep it short and sweet so you and rush back to spend the day with loved ones! =) We were talking about cupcakes yesterday and I had such a big craving for them! Seriously, why can't the more cupcakes we eat, the more healthy we get? Or like maybe potato chips that causes weight-loss? LOL. That would be cool. C'mon, we got a man on the moon, surely we make something like that right?

Store Update:
• Fancy Cakes and the 'corrected' Dream Quotes arrive this Wednesday!
• I have the unfortunate news that the price on the Anyas will be going up Nov. 1st. I was very reluctant to raise it but due to production fees, it is the only way I can cover overhead. In stamp manufacturing, they charge by the size of stamp and the Anyas are a pretty big size stamp (3"x3"). So the new price starting Nov. 1st will be $7. I thought I would give you a month's notice. I'm very sorry about this.
• Sold out on Princess Anya but I did re-order so it should be here in a few weeks.

Today's question is: If you could invent anything, what would it be?


Tonya said...

Wowza...anything? I would invent an automatic house cleaner (just like a dishwasher....turn it on right before bed so that you woke up to a pristine clean house) so that I had more time with my kids! I know, I could hire a maid, but I've been there done that...gone through a couple not so good ones and then found one I liked, but felt like I needed to clean before she got there every week. LOL!!!

Have a great Sunday!

Bunny B said...

Hmmm... I'd like to invent a bag like Mary Poppins - one size that fits all! :P

Erika M. said...

A stress - free work space!

Sue D said...

I would invent something that would give me more hours in my day so I could finish everything I need to and have time to stamp!

Janet S said...

Since an automatic house cleaner is already taken, I guess I would invent some kind of organizing system. One that magically categorizes and stores your stamps without any help from you. Man, I would love that one right now! I am trying to index and organize my massive stamp collection and I am going bonkers!

Diane said...

I would invent a 4-day work week, leaving another day for the weekend to stamp!

Julz said...

I would invent an automatic laundry finder to help my husband find his boxers/socks/pants/shirts when I'm not around! LOL

Doris said...

I want to invent automatic house cleaner too:) It would be perfect gift to every housewife:)