Thursday, August 28, 2008

Scrapbooking e-Zine

Her name is Sophie Salaun and she has a great passion for scrapbooking and stamping! In fact, she loves it so much that she has started a free online magazine called L'Atelier du Scrap. The first issue was in French but the current 2nd issue is in both French and English. You can download the issues at her blog. In her e-zine she has tips and tricks and interviews with other stampers and scrapbookers. She and her team of awesomess also tries out techniques and products so you can get an idea of what and how the products work. Her latest issue has an interview with the splendid Tim Holtz!

So how does Pink Poison fall into this, you ask? I will gladly share that Pink Poison will be sponsoring this new and splendid project of Ms. Sophie's and we will be in the upccoming issues where she will be testing and creating with Pink Poison new releases! I am so excited, my energy can probably bake a dozen cupcakes. Thought I would share this great opportunity and wonderful news with all of you!

And last but not least... two very recent and very appropriate cards by Pam and Paula!


stampinc said...

Such pretty cards and the sentiments are fabulous.

Sue D said...

Thanks for sharing the blog/e-zine with us. I found it very interesting.
Also the cards were beautiful and I love the quotes.

TiteC said...

Shhh ! don't speak about cupcakes I'm on a diet !! lol

Thank you so much for this post, I'm so flattered !!

I hope people will spread the word about the e-zine, so that everybody will know your wonderful stamps !

Have a very nice day

xxx from France

PatsyB said...

I love these cards!! I had never heard of these Pink Poison stamps but now I am totally hooked!! I have to have some!! Glad it is close to Christmas!! Need to start making my list!!

Gail S. said...

Love the sentiments! Very pretty.

charlene.herter said...

I have never even heard of an e-zine before. You have opened my eyes to something new. Now I am off to find out what an e-zine is.

Maria Matter said...

WhooHoo! great news!
These cards are gorgeous ladies!
I don't think you'll have trouble spreading the word about your stamps...they're lovely!

Janet said...

I just love quotes! I like to see how people use them on their cards. Thanks for sharing, ladies.