Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pink Poison Introduction

Ahhh the first post in a new blog... =) First off I'd like to say a smiley hello to everyone! I'm Marie, by the way. Most of you probably do not know who of what Pink Poison is so I'll just introduce a little (I promise I won't get too lengthy lol). It first started out as a graphic design portfolio website during my college years. Why Pink Poison you ask? It was a pretty random decision.... a decision that would haunt me for the rest of my life. haha ok not really... well kinda. It was actually just two random words that I picked out of a raffle-like bucket of possible words for the website. I know I know... very meaningful. But! I did like pink and it was sort of an addiction so you see, it actually worked out pretty suitingly. <-- Yea I made that word up.

Onto the important thing! The portfolio turned into an art gallery and now into a shop. I have to say that I have a very very short attention span and I just couldn't bear to dabble in one specific area for too long. So to feed my hobby monster, I took up other crafty type non-computer-related activities such as knitting and crocheting, buttons and magnet making, felt creatures, sewing, etc. And now my most beloved new thing: stamp designing!!!! It is the absolute perfect combination of hand-craftiness and design! How awesome is that?! Very. It's like when Peanut Butter first met Jelly. Sweeeet! And so came the birth of my first triplets:

I released my first sets earlier this month: Cupcakes, Dream Quotes, and Fancy Cakes. They are made out of deeply etched red rubber. Very nice! I think rubber is the way to go but I am trying out clear polmer as well and we'll see how that takes.

I hope that intro wasn't too long. I hope to see you drop by the blog and the store again. September is coming soon so there will be new goodies in the shop! Stay tuned!



stampinc said...

Great stamp sets. Keep these cute stamps coming.

Heather said...

Hey Marie,

Well I had done this months ago to try to figure out just when Anya first came out and I think back then I found her in the Archives in September some time. Today I wanted to find somthing in the old archives, you see I love to know the "History" of things how they came about how they evolved to be what they are ect... Anyway it was fun coming back to the begining and seeing things like when Jess won the Silver Medal and when Jenn Muraka (can not remember how to spell her name) was just a guest designer and when you told us about going to see her wonderful creations and her blog ect...

So I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that I am totally addicted to your stamps I love you company and the feeling of it all.

I got to meet up with Jess this weekend and help her and Janna teach the class on TGF stamps and copics and it was so much fun and an amazing experiance to see all these newbies totally raving and totally excited about TGF I found you in January and started purchasing and I think I own just about every stamp you have and I use them way more than any others and I just adore coloring them up!!!!

Congrats on your upcoming Anniversary and I am so so so so so excited to see what is in store for us in the Future!!!