Saturday, August 30, 2008

Important Store Update News

Hi Friends,

I'd like to share some updates with what's going on with the store. Some good and some less than good, some embarrassing. So here I go!

I am so embarrassed about this but a wonderful lady told me that I had misspelled the name Langston on one of the quote authors. Instead I had it spelled Lanston (without the 'g'). The name on the quote was quite small so I guess no one else noticed but there you have it! Below I have marked in red where the 'g' was suppose to be. Grrr...
but I have the re-orders coming in sometime later this week so... I'll probably donate some and then I guess the first handful of people who contact me and don't mind the blooper can purchase it for $6.00 (I will put a link in the clearance section in the store). I did speak with a few people who said they didn't mind and some said that they just covered up the name so I guess whatever works right? lol. I am bummed and I deeply apologize for this. Those who have purchased the set and would like to get a partial refund, please email me with your name and date of purchase and I will take care of you. I have fixed the problem and am currently making new stamps with the corrections (These will be the reg. price of $15.00).

There was suppose to be a 'g' where the red circle is. Argh.

I should be getting these by Thurs or Fri.

Fancy Cakes
The re-release is schedule for the end of Sept.

That's it for now. I couldn't sleep last night because of the Dream Quotes issues. Lol. Bahhh... but I'm very glad that someone caught it and I wanted to let everyone know the real deal. =) Thanks friends!

Much apologies,


Janet said...

It happens to the best of us. :D

stampinc said...

Oh well. It's really the saying that most people look at and of course the beautiful handmade project!.